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Car won't start, won't even crank

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  • Car won't start, won't even crank

    This is the story:

    I drove the car to work on Wednesday and it drove fine. Went to leave and it cranked slowly and then died. Swapped batteries and tried again -nothing. Ended up roll starting it and fired up and drove home without a problem. Turned it off, tried a restart and nothing.

    The starter has made one click and then hasn't even turned over. I have given it a little persuasion with the hammer in case its stuck, but to no avail

    What I've checked/done:

    -charged the battery overnight and cleaned terminals;
    -tested for spark at plugs ( nothing)
    - tried starting with AFM disconnected
    - cleaned terminals at starter and checked voltage ( 12 ish)

    I'm beginning to think its the starter, but am open to other suggestions.

    I've searched for a couple of hours and had no luck and ask as a last( frustrated) resort
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    If you clutch started it and it ran fine, I would think that it's your starter motor.


    Good luck


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      I'm thinking starter as well. Problem is the engine is in a 2002, and diagnosing electrical gremlins is a little tricky.

      I'll swap in an M10 one tomorrow and see how that goes with a freshly charged battery.


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        Make sure the battery cables are firmly connected to the terminals.