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Sunroof Headliner

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  • Sunroof Headliner

    The black headliner on my sunroof is falling and it looks like the part is NLA from the dealer. Just wondering where I might get a healiner or what people were doing to replace theirs when it sags?

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      PM rscheiring on the board. He makes a nice headliner replacement.


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        Originally posted by CourtM3 View Post
        PM rscheiring on the board. He makes a nice headliner replacement.
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          if it's only the part that is on your sunroof. then I just pulled that panel off my car as I'm further gutting my interior.
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            Assuming it's JUST the sunroof panel, you can repair it easily yourself. Mine started to fall down last summer.

            Just remove the panel from underneath (Bently manual is helpful here, but not required). Once you have it separated from the car, flip it over and you'll see how the fabric normally wraps around the frame. The glue just weakens with age. I picked up a jar of contact cement and simply brushed it on all the detached seams. I did one side at a time so I didn't have too much sticky stuff all over. Let it sit for 15 minutes (or as recommended on the bottle) and simply stick it back in place. Worked perfectly for me.

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