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Help, stuck, starter?

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  • Help, stuck, starter?

    I am currently stranded at the library b/c my car will not start. The starter motor clicks, but won't turn over the motor. It made quite a bit of noise (kind of a friction noise) on startup(before I left my house)that had me worried, but as soon as the starter motor disengaged the sound went away. After I parked the car, I tried to start it again to see if the sound was still there, but now it won't turn over. I had the starter motor rebuilt only about two years ago, but I'm afraid that might be the problem. Any advice on how to possibly get the starter to engage? Last time this happened it would come and go for awhile, but this time it's just nothing. Also I've heard it's not good to bumb start these cars. Why is that? What will I hurt? I really don't want to get towed. Well, sorry for the ramble, advice is much needed/appreciated. Oh, the battery is brand new with plenty of charge.

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    Bump start that sucker! I see no reason why that is bad for the motor. If you think about it, you are still turning the flywheel the same way that you would with a starter.

    2 reasons I have no problem doing non-standard/non-recomended practices when my car breaks down...

    1.) Im stuck and there is no way Im fixing a (insert major part here) without my tools on the side of the road.
    2.) No way am I letting a tow truck driver dragging my lowered car onto a truck, bend my anchor points because they ratcheted the chains too hard, and then charge me for it.

    But hey thats just me.


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      Ok, I plan to bump start it, but it seems like I remember reading that people say it is bad to bump start this car and I was just wondering what damage could be done. I've never hesitated to bump start cars in the past, ignorance??