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Removing ABS pump - what size fittings to run new lines?

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  • Removing ABS pump - what size fittings to run new lines?

    I no longer have a functioning ABS system, so I would like to remove the pump and re-plumb the system.

    I need to know what size hose fittings to get to run from the master cylinder to the front corners, and also to the rear.


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    why not just buy a used ABS pump...? you can get one pretty cheaply... probably under $150 shipped ... Certainly cheaper than flat spotting tires the next time you are at the track.....
    Mark Williams
    Dallas, TX

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      The pump is fine, its probably just a bad relay or something.

      I'm just not a fan of ABS, my first few cars here in the MN winter didn't have it and I did just fine. Now on the M3 it has been out since last summer and have gotten a good feel for it and I don't want to go back.


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        i'll buy all the lines and the pump u r taking off, just bought a shell that was being converted to race, i'm putting it back to stock


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          Buy the lines through BMW. They are the proper green corrosion resistant lines. The link is the front brake hydraulic system on a 84 m10 318i which was sold in the US with no ABS. The lines will come from BMW the correct length with the correct fittings. The only work you have to do is the bending. I work at a BMW and Porsche restoration shop and we run fresh lines on most 2002 restorations. With BMW's it super simple because there in no flaring, measuring, or cutting.

          Hope this helps!



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            ^thanks for the info, it is helpful.

            I have the 750 master cylinder however so I would still need to swap that fitting over.