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Another bites the dust (late entry)

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  • Another bites the dust (late entry)

    Thought I would post some pictures and share about the loss of my 88 M3. Finally got the pictures from the scene off of my friends iPhone.

    Was sitting at a stop sign in Redwood City, engaging into 1st gear, when a tan Saturn smashed into the back of my car without hitting the brakes or anything. Called the police immediately (the other driver did not speak english) and they determined he was traveling about 35mph. He was ticketed for not having a valid CA drivers license and traveling at unsafe speed with a failure to stop. I sustained a bulging disk in my neck with soft tissue and nerve damage to my neck and left side running down the arm. Also lost my baby. Anyways enough of the complaining, here is the show.

    I will try to insert attachments, but if that does not work, I will do it the other way.

    I have yet to settle with insurance, but will be posting a feeler for the car as is in the classifieds section with more detailed pictures.
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    And here are some more pictures... I'll hopefully have a feeler posted by tonight with pictures of the interior (mint) plus more....
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      sorry. hope your insurance company shows you some love.

      your car is hot. i love black on black.
      the winningest racecar ever.


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        Very sorry for your loss, but good news that your injuries aren't too bad.

        Good luck with the insurance and here's to getting another M :drive:


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        ... I like the way you move......"


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          Ouch. That really hurts. Hope you heal up quickly and find another M3. Good luck with the insurance company.


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            I just died a little inside.


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              You could fix your car if you wanted; I only say this because I had an M3 slightly better than yours after an accident that was hit from behind and pushed into the back of another car. It cost me $4K to fix and you can't really tell. But, bottom line is you are alive and not totally maimed. I have had whiplash like yours a couple times; you will feel it later I'm afraid to say. Best of luck.

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                Ouch! Sorry about your loss.
                At least you are ok. Hope your recover very soon.
                Good luck with the insurance.

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                  Damn, bro. Sorry for your loss. You seem to have a decent attitude about it--i think I might've wanted to throttle the other driver. Hope your injuries heal soon.


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                    That really sucks dude. Glad you are (basically) OK.

                    I am surprised the guy said it could be fixed. Looking at your car I would have figured it was totaled beyond any doubt.

                    But I am not a bodyshop guy.


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                      Glad that you will be ok. Shame that the car didn't fair so well. Threads like this always make me think that at the end of the day my car may not come home with me. Enjoy them while you have them I guess... In a situation like this if you think of your car as a disposable item sometimes it is easier to get over the loss. Of course when one has invested not just money but blood sweat and tears the loss is far greater.
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                        Sorry for your loss and I hope your neck feels better soon...
                        San Jose, Costa Rica


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                          Thanks for the support guys I really appreciate it!
                          My neck is doing alright, but I am trying as of now to settle with insurance, and they are trying to low ball me. Thankfully the other driver had insurance, but I swear this is becoming a tiresome battle. It being deemed an entire loss (totaled) I do plan on buying it back as of now (the reason for the feeler).


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                            Jump onto Enthusiast Auto's page and print it out. They have plenty of E30 M3s and one or two will have similar specs, so you can bring it to the insurance company and show what these cars are going for these days.

                            Hope you get better soon.


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                              Originally posted by ColinM View Post
                              Damn, bro. Sorry for your loss. You seem to have a decent attitude about it--i think I might've wanted to throttle the other driver. Hope your injuries heal soon.
                              yes. you must have a lot of self control because i would have been hard pressed not to lay into that moron.. sucks to see an e30 m3 like that. sorry for your loss and best wishes for a speedy recovery and to getting another one.
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