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Front grill - spraying black ?

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  • Front grill - spraying black ?

    Hey guys

    I've had a search around and have found little information on the matter of spraying the front grill black.

    Problem: My front grill is all old, weathered and grey looking...

    Solution: either I buy a new set of front grills or I attempt to "restore" my current grills by taking them off and re-spraying..?

    has anyone done this before ? can anyone recommend a way of doing it so it looks like the OEM black.. and original.. i.e. what paint to use ? (i don't want a glossy look, i want the original matt style look)..

    thanks a lot guys - you've helped me out many a times.

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    A can of satin black paint. Rub it down with a bit of 1200 wet'n'dry and clean off with alcohol and paint away..... easier than piss I did mine and they came up great.


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      find sem paint

      Find sem paint in your area. made for this. has flex additive and made for bumpers in many colors. chucker
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        I think it is called SEM Trim Black? Correct me if I am wrong as I will have to do this on a couple of parts in the near future.



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          Yep, just find trim paint. Sand down, clean, primer, few layers of the paint, and you're set to go. While you are at it, you might as well both the headlight grills to make them look uniform.

          The primer and several coats of the trim paint are very important. It will allow for a good bond and better strength against rock chips. The last thing you need is a thin coat that will chip easily.


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            could i use this SEM stuff on the black door trim as well ?

            thanks a lot guys..


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              Originally posted by intense_jono View Post
              could i use this SEM stuff on the black door trim as well ?

              thanks a lot guys..
              yes. pretty much on all the exterior plastic.
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