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fitting bucket seats to my e30 m3......

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    Originally posted by paintpro21 View Post
    Uwe and I spoke via PM, I'm open to distributing them, but we also discussed looking into having them fabricated here in the US to cut down on expenses caused by exchange rates and international shipping. Nothings finalized yet.

    -Eddy P

    Eddy, I am fine with distribution but haven't commented on fabricating them in the US.

    with the current steel price it's getting more and more difficult to make them without a loss anyway and sending them over to the US would increase the price dramatically. I am happy to work something out, but just can't see how this is going to be cost effective. I do not really want to fabricate them in the US. They will just get shipped back to the UK because the exchange rate makes them cheaper.
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    Goodbye M3, you served me well.


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      making them here cuts down on shipping costs for US buyers and we don't loose money due to the exchange rate. Although non us buyers would deal with international shipping they would gain the exchange rate advantage. I don't think US buyers want to pay international shipping and loose on the exchange rate. I brought this up since the original issue was finding someone to manage this for US buyers. there could be enough US buyers to make it effective to be made here. I don't think there are more UK buyers then US buyers. I still have to run the numbers so this is not fact. - Facebook Fan Page - Twitter


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        if anybody in the US would like a seat mount please drop me a PM. There are 3 sets already in Florida. I will reply with contact details. thanks.

        I have no intention of fabrication them in the US.

        Goodbye M3, you served me well.