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where to get evoIII front splitter and brake ducts?

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  • where to get evoIII front splitter and brake ducts?

    Hey guys - i've had a search around and have come across alot of information as to where I can buy aftermarket evoIII front splitters but not too sure where to find an OEM.. I know McAdams has evo II for sale..

    so any ideas anyone ?

    additionally, if i want to install the brake duct system, there seem to be a few things you need to buy? i.e. the ducts, then the pipes and then some undertray thing ? can someone please confirm what I need.. I have a/c in the car.. i have being going off this

    thanks a lot guys - this forum has being soo informative!! (as this is my first car and I have no idea..)

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    Don can get you all parts that you need oem. The brake duct inlets are nla but all other parts are still available as far as I know. I can help with duct inlets if needed. They are carbon fiber replicas.
    For brake ducting, you need inlets, 2 piece channel and front undercover with openings.
    E3 splitter requires undertray, splitter, hardware.
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      thanks very much - I'll contact you re: inlets after i've spoken to don.