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Another what is it worth thread!

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  • Another what is it worth thread!

    I have to chance to buy an 88 m3 that is in very poor shape. I know it is very hard to say without pictures but I just wanted to get some opinions as far as what the car is worth. First of all it has 152,000 miles on it. It was hit very hard in the front. The person driving broke the steering wheel when they wrecked it. It buckled the roof by the sunroof and passenger door real bad. The fenders and strut housings are toast and the bottom of the core support is bent. The front wheels where pushed back into the wheel wells. The rear bumper and driverside quarter is fine. The passenger side quarter has a good size dent. The car has been sitting with no wheels and tires in the dirt for 8 years! The sunroof is out, the driver window is half way down and one of the pop out glasses is out. So the interior is ruined. I'm sure the floors are pretty bad. I can not look under it because of it sitting on the ground. I figure the car is beyond repair but I'm not an expert. I figure the motor, tranny, and rear end maybe worth something. What do you think it is worth? I tried to get pictures but when I met the guy at his place where he has alot of old cars we took his truck because it had been raining and I forgot to get the camera. I'm not good at working on cars and have a lot to learn. I figured this would be a good car to get some experience with tearing it down and taking parts I want.

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    IMO if you want to lean about the mechanics of the car this would probably be a good subject. However, if you plan on salvaging parts, this IMO is probably not a good choice. My car sat for several years indoors and I can't begin to tell you the amount of problems I encountered. This car is outside being battered by the elements so I can't imagine the condition of any of the parts. Just my two cents.