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HELP: Central lock issue, can't open fuel door

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  • HELP: Central lock issue, can't open fuel door


    Yesterday my central lock suddenly failed so that I cannot open either the passenger door or the fuel door. I will be studying the multiple threads on this, but still would like to ask if someone can suggest a quick trick to unlock the fuel door as it is almost running dry, and I just wan't to get by until I have time to properly fix everything.

    Appreciate any advice.



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    You can get to the fuel door lock actuator from inside the trunk. Just remove the trim and it should be visible. Pull the arm back into the actuator housing and you should be good to go. If it continues to give you trouble, pull the arm back and unplug the actuator until you get things fixed.

    The actuators are the same as those found on the regular E30. They're easy to find on Ebay for a couple of bucks.

    To really test things, see if you can find the Electrical Troubleshooting manual for the E30. There is an excellent flowchart that takes you through repairing the central locking system.
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      Thank Thor, will give that a try.