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Need help with ground control coils

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  • Need help with ground control coils

    I have cut and welded the strut housings now and when I put the spacer that was supplied in the strut housing it is too long do I need to cut these spacers to make them the right length? I have no idea there isn't very many install instructions that came with the kit from gc. Someone please help looks like the spacers that slide in before the koni is about 1 inch too long about the amount I cut off of the housing to begin with.

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    Hey Mate,

    Yes, just cut the spacer a bit shorter.



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      Thank you. I also have a question on the two hex head nuts they include to install the shock into their camber plate. I have two of the nylon locking nuts and one of the nuts has studs sticking up on either side. The diagram that they included shows a nut with studs on either side and also a nut with a cavity (which I don't have) to accept the stud of the previous mentioned nut. Any suggestions?