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5 oil pressure switches in 90,000mls

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  • 5 oil pressure switches in 90,000mls

    is this normal.i have owned the car only since march this year.i was going thru the records for the car.i have them all for entire history of the car and noticed this part had been replaced 5 times 1st time being at 25,278mls last time that i know of was at 71,625mls.could something be cause of this or is it just normal to go thru 5 of them in less than 90,000mls.i have put about 1600mls on it myself but i also drove to tennesse in it,wich counts for half of them. the car has been owned the last 5yrs by a gentleman who owned a import parts store and worked on the car himself and basicly took parts of the shelves.i have known for years cuz my father was friends with him.he took very good care of car.

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    If you have ever had a leak between the insulation and the shell of the switch...It will bleed oil at high pressure very quickly.