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    Im looking for a good source for exploded diagrams, I have the ETK disk, but cannot print the drawings from this. I have tried to copy drawings from a couple of sites, but the printouts are pretty low resolution, so the bigger you make them the worse the are.

    Does anyone know of a good source. The ETK drawing at 200% is great, but its a faf to scroll, and as I said it wont print.


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    Maybe you can get a microfiche with the appropriate diagram, but those haven't been updated in decades.
    I've wished that the ETK were in vector graphics, but for our cars its unlikely to be rendered retroactively, and I doubt even the catalog for current cars will be.

    If you're handy with a simple graphics package you can expand the ETK image 200%, grab a screen print, drop it in your graphics program; then go back to the ETK, and scroll down to capture the rest of the subject, grab another screen print, etc. Then stitch the images together and crop, and then print.

    If you have a PDF program you can export the image/save as PDF/and then print it.


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      You can print just fine out of the ETK itself (both new and old). Worst case you can printscreen and put it into paint.

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