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What the hell is wrong with people today!?

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  • What the hell is wrong with people today!?

    So I bought my M3 last weekend and got it all inspected and registered last week .. so this weekend I got to take it out for the first time and I had a blast driving it around. But then I get to work today and something strange catches my eye .. a big fricken key mark across my door .. then I look at my front and rear fender and I find the same thing ... big deep gashes in the paint .. I've had the car out for less than 3 days and some asshole has already screwed the paint! .. I just don't get why someone would do that to another persons car .. I had my lexus for 6 years and I only ever got the occasional door ding .. I was hoping to keep the paint as original as possible .. but now I might as well just repaint the whole damn thing .. no one has respect for other peoples property anymore .. anyway .. just needed to get that out. - BMW Video Channel

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    These people should be shot.

    You don't fuck with another man's ride.

    BUT...with that said, its part of owning this car(and other high end/attention grabbing cars)....people will always hate more on them. So you have to be careful where you go or where you leave your car. Its basically just the bad luck of being in the area of a complete douche at the wrong time.

    Hopefully you can cover it up a little with a good compounding and dont need a repaint.

    sorry my man


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      Probably cos they feel so worthless and small inside its there way of saying hey look what I did? in my world the culprit would be punished by having two fingers removed with a wood chisel and a hammer. As you say what the hell is a matter with people these days, there is no respect anymore.


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        Sorry to hear that man... I was under fake impression that in Canada people tend to be a bit more respectful towards each other... apparently the density of assholes is equally dispersed throughout the world.

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          Sad to see people causing damage to other peoples' properties. There was
          another thread with another person vandalizing an E30 M3. Hope karma will
          catch up with them and teach those people a lesson.


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            Hate to admit it but I have come to expect it. My M3 was keyed up and back down the driver side, my M5 was keyed across the trunk, and later across the hood. I pretty much expect it to happen once I finish my rebuild and repaint. People just hate what they can't have and want you to be as miserable as them.

            It sucks, but keep your chin up or they win....
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              Sorry to hear about your ride. Here in NY graffiti artist seem to think that cars are there new canvas.:shit:


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                That is complete BS! I feel for you bro.

                Hope the guy up there has some good karma waiting for you.

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                  Really sorry to hear that man. I'm afraid to bring my car out of the garage now.


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                    where in canada are you?


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                      Thanks guys .. I was talking to some guys today and it sounds like there has been a fair amount of this going on lately at the car shows and meets .. which makes me think that it happened when I had parked my car at one of the shows this weekend... anyway .. it's been done so now I just have to save up my pennies to get it back into shape again.

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                        Am I wrong for wanting to do this to the guy:

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                          Originally posted by yourbimmer View Post
                          Am I wrong for wanting to do this to the guy:
                          nope. make a few examples, have it on the news and i'm sure that type of thing would happen less.

                          that person would be lucky to get off that easy

                          friend of mine caught an 18 year old kid tagging on his wall. instead of calling the cops, he threatened to kick his ass, verbally abused the kid, and made him clean up his "art" with a wire brush. then he followed the kid to his house, and made the kid explain what he just did to his father. also said if he saw the kid in his neighborhood again he'd beat him down. that is justice right there. no laws broken and the kid won't have a police record. hopefully that scared em straight!
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                            I feel for you...I had someone key my car along both rear fenders and another person kicked the driver's door in.

                            Depending on how much work you want to put into it, you can probably fix the scratches with some touch up paint, very careful spot sanding and a lot of patience.


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                              Very sorry to hear, as you say there is no respect anymore. Why people cant see something they cant have and appreciate it rather than having to damage it is beyond me. Lowlife inbreeding scumbags!!

                              Heres to you getting her back to full health.