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Total my car or Fix it?!

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  • Total my car or Fix it?!

    Alright... its been one week after the accident, basically long story short i an in counter with a telephone pole i am sad to say. Lost control, rear end hoped a curb hit a hill side came back onto the road and 4 wheel locked into a pole. I am fine, it felt like a pillow when i crunched into it, the rear end is fine LOTS of scratches no dents. The gas tank is bent slightly, and the camber is off on the control arm, its unknown right now, i assume its the control arm. It could have been worse and i could have rolled it coming into the hill side. I did everything i could to get it back on course but crap happens and you can't trade experience.

    That set aside its painful to talk about what i did to my car =(, but what is done is done, and just look forward now. So i went head on with the pole, right in between the lights and the kidneys, almost smack dead of the M Badge (poor "M" is dangling). so the whole radiator support is toast, radiator in the Fan and is jammed. the damage didn't look to bad at first but turns out the front left frame rail is tweakked. motor is in a slight slanted position if you look hard. right fender is untouched and am not sure if the right frame rail is bent, but could have been moved slightly, but was not directly damaged. driver fender is pushed back half and inch. no wrinkles on the roof, doors open fine, except for a little hitch from the driver fender.

    the car is at United auto collision center. They work on Alvin's cars and they have another two e30 m3s in there. Alvin recommended him to me, and he did his best to tell the insurance company (state farm) what the car is, and tried to keep the damage cost down to avoid being totaled. well the person who did the estimate was old fashion to the books on the estimate and didn't budge a bit. price came to be just over 10k in damage, included the rear quarter panel scratches, which instantly became totaled. Didn't like that, so the Total loss department ran a survey on all the classified ADs. Car has 155k miles and the average price they came back to me today was little under 15k. i was slightly surprised and thought they were going to low ball me way under.

    so here is the debate. The car is basically on the Border line of being totaled, i can either get a fat check of around 16k and buy it back and sell it to buy another M. or If i get the average up, and talk and persuade them what the car is worth i can keep the car with a clean title and get a check for about 10k and fix the car. Like i said its on the absolute border and shouldn't take much to get the value of the car up just enough to make it not totaled. A third option is to Total the car, buy the car back and fix it with a salvage title.

    So with the amount of damage done to the car, which is basically the frame rail, is it stupid to fix a broken car? or do i look else where to find another car for around 14k? I am leaning on the side to fix it, because i am attached to the car personaly. If i get another car who knows what condition i will find for 14k, and it might not feel the same as "my car". but i want to be ethical and not fix a car that has to much damge to be like "new".
    Its a 1988 alpine white/cardinal red/grey carpet, build date 87/4. 155k miles, new rod bearings, paint was 8/10, interior is 7/10 (no tears). just some background info.

    sorry for the very long story, i just wanted to make it clear on what my thought are. I get attached to things, as this was my high school car so there is memories. Please give me your opinion on what you would do.
    once again Total the car out? OR Keep it a clean title and rebuild her?

    Thanks everyone for your time,
    and Thanks to Alvin for the recommendation and thanks to Gabriel from UACC

    -Anthony Hong
    (wow long post)
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    IMO, if they total it and give you $16K it will probably cost you about $3-4K to buy it back. If you have the time and patience to part out you can wind up ahead. Although there are not many for sale, the market for fun cars is not great. Winter is coming, economy sucks. If you have cash right now I think you would be in the drivers seat to negotiate a good deal.

    If you do buy it back and part please PM me first. I am sick of people beating me out on parts.

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      Originally posted by 99M3Riverside View Post
      IMO, if they total it and give you $16K it will probably cost you about $3-4K to buy it back. If you have the time and patience to part out you can wind up ahead. Although there are not many for sale, the market for fun cars is not great. Winter is coming, economy sucks. If you have cash right now I think you would be in the drivers seat to negotiate a good deal.

      If you do buy it back and part please PM me first. I am sick of people beating me out on parts.
      i think its about 2-3k to buy back, and 1k for the deductible. came to to 16 because they include tax and license.
      I will most likely come out ahead, but i have to deal with parting out the car, or selling it as a whole. and i would have to look for another car, who knows how long that would take. But it might turn into this so we will see. I really do want to save my car, but at the same time not to fix something that will be useless.
      -Thanks, i'll let you know if it becomes a parts car. Hopefully not.
      Anthony Hong.


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        Sorry for your loss... If your heart contemplated fixing it, have them total it... Who cares about a salvaged title when either way it has been hit? Buy it back, then fix it with the intention of keeping it not for resale value. It is a good oportunity to do body reinforcement mods if the frame is in good shape.

        If it makes you feel better buy another good example and it will only take a few months to part it out if you post accurately with pics.


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          If you part..

          That's a tough one. If I were you I'd take the check and buy it back, then part it out and get all the money together and buy a really clean M. It might take awhile to find one but you never know what might pop up. With the economy some people might have to start selling their cars. You just really never know.

          If you do part, I have the same color combo so I'm potentially interested in your seats and some other trim parts.

          Good luck...I'm glad that the insurance companies are being reasonable about the value of the car.

          Keep me in mind if you end up parting it out.


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            Saw your car at Gabriel's as my car is there having some goodies put on... First thought was poor M3.. and wondered if it is from anyone on here.

            It's a tough call... I would probably go find another one and start fresh...
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              Sorry to hear about your car bro. I agree with everyone else here. Get the cash and buy it back. I am sure you could find one in similar condition if not just use your old parts to make it good.

              Good luck!


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                Still here in Manila and will be back next week. Whatever you decide best of luck bro.


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                  Thanks everyone for your input, at first i really wanted to keep it, but now it might be good just to start over fresh. i haven't decided yet, but what i was trying to figure out how much stuff can be parted out and if i am stuck with a damaged shell. Lets say i do decided to look for a car, i might want to hang on to my original car to swap and "better" parts such as the interior, or other items. then start parting it out when i have the bits i want.
                  at the same time i am trying to figure out how long will it take for me to find a clean alpine car in my price range.
                  Thanks everyone, ill keep you updated. and i should post some pics huh? even though its painful to see.
                  I still havn't made up my mind, and i constantly stop to think about my car =(.
                  Don't worry, I'll end up with a good s14 soon!

                  -Thanks again Anthony Hong.


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                    good luck anthony


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                      Thanks Shanghai.
                      Alright my mind has been tossing around a lot. Today i was thinking about parts to keep off the car, then i started to think about keeping the car and fixing it.
                      I guess my main concern is having a car that is 100% fixed, I think i am going to have it fixed at the moment. Thinking about finding another car seems like a daunting task of finding another car and parting my car out.
                      so tomorrow i will try to get the value of the car higher, and i will go from there.
                      it looks like the market for a good car is 14-20k thats kind of shocking, but there isn't many in my area.

                      pics will come soon,
                      Thanks, Anthony Hong.


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                        I think you're on the right track, max the value find another car in your budget and part out yours keeping what you need... you'll be on top within 6 months, good luck.


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                          part out? Pls inform when

                          Let me know when for parts.


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                            i definatley feel your pain . Something similar happened to me about a month ago.
                            The important thing is that your ok. Unfortunate things happen and money and objects are replaceable, your not
                            cars suck!!


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                              so update, the news is the car is going to be fixed.
                              insurance made some phone calls and uped the maximum damage to my car that can be fixed is 13k. and it is about 11k in damage so it is under that price meaning it will be fixed with a clean title, and the insurance is going to cover everything.
                              So i guess that is good news to all of us right? because the value of our cars didn't go down the drain according to the insurance.
                              As this happened the car couldn't get totaled, so my quest for a new car ends. I am quite happy, i really wanted to keep and fix my car. and i didn't feel like finding another car to my likings.

                              I am quite cheerful now seeing that my E30 is going to be fixed!, lots of memories in that car. I had such a bad couple weeks, my 500gig hd crashed with 100gigs of DSLR pictures i took. My car accident, and last Monday i was on my scooter and low sided at 40mph, my alpinestars jacket saved my skin for the most part, just scrapes on my waist and right knee. I am fine so don't worry! its just sad to see my Macbook pro that was in my backpack, still works! but its all scratched and VERY bent and dented. and my Derbi GP1 scooter is scratched up.

                              Wow thanks everyone for the support, i just wanted to recap my bad luck that i have been having. But i am sure its all gone and nothing but good luck for now on.
                              I owe you guys pictures, as soon as i find my cardreader.
                              -Anthony Hong.