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Buzzing reer veiw mirror fix

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  • Buzzing reer veiw mirror fix

    Hey fellas,

    I modded the rear view mirror a year or so ago but didn't take picks so i didn't post it.

    Heres the condensed version...

    Once you remove everything that pertains to the sunroof visor area you will see the culprit. The rear view is spring mounted and releases simply by pulling on its base arm towards you. You will notice the base is what causes the vibration. Its a plate that is held to the frame of the window with three welded spots kind of like rivets from the factory. As they age the rivets or spot welds loosen and the base vibrates the whole mirror.

    My fix is easy, pry the whole base off with a tool of your choice (bluepoint trim remover) the rivets will give away. Then drill out the rivets and bolt and nut the base to the window frame with some locktight. Its a tough squeeze but obviously it can be done.

    That's it done no more vibration, now you can actually see the blue lights BEFORE they turn on.

    I didn't use locktight the first time so i removed it to give it a squirt hence the pictures this time. I also went ahead and added a support tube behind the mirror where my adjustment knob goes , just wedged into place. the only negative now is i can no longer ignore my aging rear window tint.

    I dont think its been covered before (most things have been) so i hope it helps someone out. It was driving me nuts....:craze:
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    1989 E30 M3 DD
    2002 R1150R

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    Thanks for taking the time. I always thought the vibrating mirror was caused by the
    vibrations from the motor. Might be dropping the headliner in the car, so maybe
    that'll give me a reason to take care of it.


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      thanks for the tip.

      also, the mirror stabilizing leg (that pushes against the windshield) is adjustable. threads in or out. cheers, jason