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A/C O-Ring Question

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  • A/C O-Ring Question

    I bought a new A/C suction hose, the one that connects to the compressor on one end and a connecting hose just under the rear hood latch on the other, near the evaporator as my original hose was leaking.

    I have never opened an A/C system before and assumed that as there were no other parts listed; the hose would come with some O-rings. Mine didnít. Is that normal? If not where do you get the proper O-rings that are compatible with R134a?

    Iíve had the R12 that was left in the system recovered so I wonít be venting any harmful gasses to the atmosphere. I also bought the R134a conversion kit from BMW. It comes with a new receiver/dryer, pressure switch and O-rings for the connections to the receiver.

    Thanks in advance,

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    What's the part number of the conversion kit? I also need to swap mine from R12 to R134A.


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      I bought 82319067394. I'm not sure that the kit is necessary if you or your shop can pull a vacuum on the system for an extended period of time like a day or more.

      There is a lot to read about this but a lot of guys have successfully done the conversion by recovering whatever is currently in the system, removing and draining all old oil out of the compressor, replacing any o-rings that were part of the compressor removal process and, once a vacuum was pulled for several hours, recharging with 134a.