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Pics from the Glenn Rock Park meet - the classics meet the e30 M3s

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  • Pics from the Glenn Rock Park meet - the classics meet the e30 M3s

    what a beautiful park ! This will be the spot for our next meet !

    Beautiful weather, some really awesome american muscle cars, bikes, good food and great atmosphere! Thanks to Will and Nick, I lost my cell phone and they traced the guy who found it, so I'll get it back, good job team ! :craze:

    few pics inside the park, really beautiful !

    and the antiques start to roll in

    some trucks

    wild chain driven rear drive

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    we tried to blend in

    some bikes

    our cars


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      more cars

      supercharged Dinan

      this car was gorgeous


      callaway twin turbo

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        Vlad, great pics. I will try to upload mine in a little bit.

        We should definitely try and host an meet at this place!


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          Great pics guys...Vlad your car is stunning dude!
          don't sell her. thankx for sharing. I like the
          old skool Lambo too.
          :burn:RED DRAGON


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            Vlad, what do you snap pics with? My pics never seem as vibrant as some of you guys that are always snapping pictures. What is the trick, non point and shot correct?
            Who knows where I'll be, changes from day to Continent.


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              Glenn Rock show

              Well first I'm mad that I missed this due to work and soccer in Toms River. Second nobody took pictures of Ninjas.

              Looks very nice for a meet.



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                Beautiful pics. Beautiful cars everywhere


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                  HOLY CRAP!! i live literary 10mins from Glen Island. i go there all the time to take pics.

                  I didn't even know about this show. But even if i did i wont have been able to go. I was busy getting the M3 to the body shop....

                  The E30 M3 Renewed ~ Rebuilt ~ Re-engineered


                  E30 M3 Rebuild Thread


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                    It was great meeting everyone who was able to meet us out there. Day started a
                    little cold but warmed up nicely with a great turnout. Location was stunning being
                    right next to the water.

                    Getting ready to make our way over to Glen Island Park in New Rochelle, NY.

                    Here's a panoramic pic of the harbor.

                    Group Shot!:cool:

                    Absolutely love the flame job on this car. You can barely see it, but it's there and
                    really sets off the paint.

                    Nick brought this car to my attention since he's really into paint. Any guess on the age of the paint? The owner paid a lot of attention to the small things.


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                      Was probably one of the more unique vehicles at the show. A father and son duo with
                      these Mack trucks.

                      Dinan M Coupe Supercharged

                      RoadRunner (aka Coyote Duster:ha

                      Chevy Impala

                      Lamborghini Countach

                      Love the lines on this Olds.


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                        So, onto the E30 M3 group shots.

                        Vlad takes his photos seriously...even if it means getting on the ground and getting
                        a little dirty.


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                            Great Pictures Guys!!

                            Who's car is this and what color is this?

                            The E30 M3 Renewed ~ Rebuilt ~ Re-engineered


                            E30 M3 Rebuild Thread


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                              CHutrain I like your car's color
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