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Question about the H&R Clubsport coilovers

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  • Question about the H&R Clubsport coilovers

    Hey people,

    I want to order camber plates but i need to know the size of the perches ? Does any one know it?

    2.5'' or 2.25" (60mm perches) ??

    You will tell me just measure yours, but i have ordered mines but didn't get them yet, and i want to mount the coilover kit directly with the camber plates !

    BTW: I'm taking the vorshlag camber plates are they good ?


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    60mm...European stuff is metric.

    You'll like the H&R kit if you use it for for track work.

    Vorshlag> the rest.

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      I have the H&R RSS Coil-overs. Stiff as heck combined with my 235/40/17 tires. I believe it really comes down to the lack of adjustability of the bilstein shocks which are tuned for the higher spring rates.

      You may also need to cut out your spring mounts on top to make room for any adjustability of the camber plates. there is only so much movement in there. either that or just use two bolts to hold the plate in place?


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        Sorry but i didn't get all you said, are they good or not ? i'll be using them for street and a few track event each year !

        What do i need to cut ???

        Are you also using camber-plates ?



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          I like them, but they are definetly too stiff for the street. The RSS are deigned as a track only application and they feel that way.

          I'm using the ireland engineering camber plates. You only have to cut if you want that extra bit of camber. not that much adjustability is available through the stock spring perch holes.


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            I wouldn't go as far as to say they are too stiff for the street because the RSS was designed for the weekend track car, obviously with some street intended. People run much higher spring rates on track only cars.

            I think it comes down to what an individual thinks is too firm for ride comfort, everyone is different (and what their roads are like). I woudn't necessarily want to run my RSS setup if the M3 was my daily but I could
            90 Corrado/91 M3/01 M5


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              I recomend the Ground-Controls

              SPC if it's going to see a good amount of track use:

              Posted before... GC Vs. V

              Feel free to ask me any questions you have! Please email [email protected]
              VAC Motorsports :mario:
              (I don't check PMs often, please email)


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                steve - it looks like the GCs would give you some more suspension travel as well since they are shorter? any pics of the tops to see how they adjust and what not? It looks like both use 4 allen bolts to hold.


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                  I have been looking at the Vorschlag mounts again and again but can't figure out what that additional roller bearing on top of the spring perch is good for?

                  Goodbye M3, you served me well.