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VSR Catalytic Converter Center Section ?'s

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  • VSR Catalytic Converter Center Section ?'s


    I was wondering about how this center section worked with the removal of the "X" pipe. Is there any detrimental effect of having an "H" vs an "X". I would appreciate any input or experiences with this piece. Thanks for the help.


    VSR Center Exhaust

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    I have heard that an x pipe is better than an H. The exhaust gas travels easier through an X and tends to be more equal/or balanced, which creates less air. An H pipe is also meant to balance the pressure of gasses (exhaust), but there is a 90 angle that the air needs to maneuver threw. The gases will follow the path of least resistance which is straight out, unless one tube has better flow thru. Then you're loosing even more efficiency. It also effects the sound, but I'm not sure how... I'll have to educate myself more..

    A "Y" pipe is even more beneficial.
    Here's some s14 reference.

    Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :