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Rattle in Strumhong exhaust

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  • Rattle in Strumhong exhaust

    Anyone had this issue before? is it fixable or do I need to get new exhaust.
    thank you,

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    Never heard of it before - how old is it?


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      rattle is inside the exhaust.....not around it or in the general area of the exhaust?
      Hmmmm....i dunno.

      I had (will be fixed tomorrow!!) rattle associated with my b&b tri flow but the culprit was
      1) loose heat shield above the cat
      2) 2 holes on the back side of the can..... right where the 2 exhaust pipes enter the can. caused from normal wear and tear and stress....per Mike Boat

      I bought a new/used B&B....
      The old one, Mike Boat at B&B said he'd fix it and update (the old exhaust was purchased back in 96 I believe) the exhaust for $250.
      Will eventually post it and try to sell.....with Mike Boats contact info of course.

      I know, I answer does not help.

      Good luck my man!


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        I sell a bunch of these, call me and I'll see what Stromung can do. I'll need to know where you bought it and when, hopefully you have your receipt.

        Mario L.


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          dont have the receipt. I bought it about 7-8 years ago..


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            Sounds like its just time for a new one, I love the sound of the stromung, but I did'nt feel that their build quality was quite as good. Besides 7-8 years is a pretty long time for an exhaust.
            88 M3
            91 M5
            90 325is


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              My muffler had a rattle too, but only at low RPM, then finally split down the bottom middle seam. I think one of the internal baffles had an issue, and was loose or cracked. On my car, everything sees a pretty hard life, so I am not really surprised it happened. You can see pics of it in my gallery. I ended up replacing the whole exh. system.
              '88 Lachssilber


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                Oh man you people are giving me an Ulcer... I dont want to change the exhaust. and I have the problem at Low RPM as well.
                I appreciate all your help. what is a good exhaust that would have the nice deep sound like stromung?
                thank you all.
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                  Mine did that too, the rattle go so bad people gave me dirty looks at the race track. I called strom and they gave me a discount on a replacement. Mine came with the car and had been on there for a while.


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                    Anyone got the number for strumhong?