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    I have scoured the forums, and I actually did find a procedure for this on, but I have run into a snag. The bottom bolts are obviously easy to get to, but how does one go about getting to those pesky top bolts? I was thinking like a 1'1/2" extension on a socket wrench, but drivers side has too much in the way! Any tricks? Also, does anyone have an alternative to the stock OE jack that comes with the car? I used it to jack the car and place jack stands, but when I was lowering it back to the ground, the jack slipped and now my drivers side body kit has a small dent! I was extremely pissed to say the least. But it needs paint and body work anyways. Cheers.


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    Take the air box off to reach the driver's side mount. It's really easy and it will be a common procedure if you work on the car often, so you may as well learn now.

    Jack? Lots of thoughts here. I bought a cheap aluminum floor jack from Harbor Freight and have been really happy with it so far. The only problem with it arises when I take it with me to autocross or something like that -- everyone else has the same jack and I risk losing it.
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      The stock jack is junk.. I would buy a small bottle jack if I needed something in the car, but I normally use a small floor jack or a large floor jack.
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