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yesterday was a good day! Can you see the difference?

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  • yesterday was a good day! Can you see the difference?

    First time since I got the M3 almost a month ago, the weather was perfect and I could spend as much as half a day working on the car without any interruptions.
    Too bad it gets dark so early :(
    Still, I think my time was well worth it, what do you think?





    more things to come!

  • #2
    Hey vlad the car looks awesome!! When I first bought my e30 m3 I had the same exact acs wheels. Those are 3 piece ac schnitzer wheels right? If not they look exactly like them.


    • #3
      I dont really like the e36 m3 mirrors but everything else looks great!

      "Unlike the latter day E36 and E46 M3's, the
      original E30 M3ís main purpose in life was to
      win races on the track, not the street. It
      got the job done."


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        Some PIC enhancements... Man, you work fast Vlad!!!



        • #5
          E36 Mirrors make baby jesus cry...

          I dont like the red tape either....

          Other than that it looks really good...i love those rims


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            My opinon on mirrors...

            Dtm mirrors
            Looks: Sleek and aerodynamic
            Practical?: Can't see shit!

            E36 M Mirrors
            Looks: Contrast too much with the boxy body, too modern
            Practical?: Just as good as stock if not better

            Stock Mirrors
            Looks: Boxy, flows with lines of the body
            Practical?: yup

            Ac Mirrors

            I guess it really comes down to personal perference, I kind of like the security of knowing what is behind me on both sides of my car so I'm still on stockies.


            • #7
              >>>Dtm mirrors Looks: Sleek and aerodynamic Practical?: Can't see shit!<<<

              The DTM mirrors come with "flat" glass. The harder-to-use-side is the passenger side mirrors. You can have your local glass shop cut you replacement glass using slightly spherical glass - this improves things immensely. I think I paid about 25 bux. I've had some cut but have not yet installed them.

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              • #8
                ditch the e36 mirrors... its slightly ricey IMO on the e30 m3's... looks better on reg e30s...
                I love the red tape... looks very tight
                I love the plate
                wheels are a HUGE improvement over stock... good call
                i'm not a hugefan of the blacked out grills... i did that to mine and eventually went back to chrome.. I think the chrome kidneys are part of what distinguishes an e30... i'd stick with them.. nice car none the less
                1990 e30 m3


                • #9
                  Looks good! Turn down the gama on the camera!

                  Now you guys know the "e36" vented mirrors actually started life in the last DTM E30 season? They were just a little smaller, then the FIRST production car to have them is the E34 M5.

                  Do not click
                  At least it's German


                  • #10
                    can you get the smaller mirrors that you are talking about anywhere? I think those look very good, but i can't find the "smaller" ones...
                    1990 e30 m3


                    • #11
                      wow, did you touch up the stone chips? It looks great.

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                      89 M3 - ALPINEWEISS II/SCHWARZ
                      85 323I S52 - ALPINEWEISS/SCHWARZ
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                      • #12
                        How do you paint the kidney's black and what colour paint do you use???
                        Someday when im rich Ill import my very own E30 M3 to South Africa (never came to our country)


                        • #13
                          Originally posted by SA E30 driver
                          How do you paint the kidney's black and what colour paint do you use???
                          you use light sand paper, then clean it with alcohol, then get black spray paint from the Home Depot or Wallmart and spray it 4-5 coats, waiting 45min-1hour between the coats.

                          Yes, I touched up the stone chips for the winter, I will repaint the car in the spring.


                          • #14
                            Nice Vlad!

                            Where did you finally get the AC wheels?


                            • #15
                              mirrors look poopey

                              ACS rims look great.

                              don't know how well the touch up paint matches, but if you are going to repaint in spring, all's well I guess

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