Had this cylinder head from my dead S14 sitting about for ages now, and as I have plenty of time off I thought I'd have a go at cleaning it up. I can't say I'm the greatest mechanic in the world but I like to give most things a go and this would seem a good place to start learning a bit more, so I have a few questions.

1, Should I even do this ?
2, How do I measure any wear in the valve giudes ?
3, Whats the best way to clean all the carbon from the valves ?
4, Should I get the valve seats re-cut ?
5, Should I get the head skimmed. If so should it be just enough to ensure its not warped and how much is that ?

As far as I know the head was good and isn't warped in any way and hasn't got any damage to the to the valve seats after approx 100 K of use. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated .