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  • attn: Han

    Clicked on your sig link out of idle curiousity. The higher resolution version of your sig picture shows the inside rear having no contact patch. How did you set up the car to achieve 100% weight transfer before the front? This is how you would want to set up a front drive (having much more front traction than rear for drive off the corner) How good is your traction on corner exit?

    Or is the picture capturing an anomalous situation (off camber corner, entry too hot,terminal understeer)?

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    Private Message maybe? :idea:


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      Picking up an inside rear wheel on a front engine rear driven car might be of general interest.


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        The reason I was picking up the rear wheel was just a accident. That picture was taken the day after I finished my motor install. I was in a hurry and forgot to torque down one of the front swaybar drop links. The nut popped off on my drive down to VA, so I was effectively running w/o a front swaybar. Since I hadn't driven the car in a track/autocross situation in over 6 months, I just figured I wasn't used to the handling. I almost spun the car during the first turn of my first run! ...and I've never even come close to spinning this car.

        In terms of handling, it was surprisingly good. Turn-in wasn't sharp at all, but at mid-turn the car was VERY nice. Understeer/oversteer was just a matter of how much gas I was giving. Traction on exit was pretty bad though, lots of powerslides.

        If I had more time, I would love to experiment with stiffer springs and no swaybars, or just a stiffer rear bar. A few guys I know (e36s) autocross w/o bars, just very stiff springs.



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          Cheers, Han.