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Few questions regarding my M3 EVO3

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  • Few questions regarding my M3 EVO3

    I bought the car knowing a few bits needed doing, so i'd appreciate some advise on the following issues:

    also i'm in the UK..

    1. Dash lights are too dim. The dials are in silver which may well be the problem, but they look cool (in the daylight) so i'd like to keep them. Is there anyway of getting brighter dash bulbs ? Other than that maybe white dials would work better, anyone recommend a self fitting kit ?

    2. Heater Control bulbs have gone. I understand you need to take the radio out to change them. But where do i purchase them from..other than BMW

    3. I treated the car to its original steering wheel, but the suede effect is crap, and my hands are black after a few hours driving. So i want to put an MTech2 leater one on instead..where's the cheapest place to get these ?

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    Hi Sean

    1, this may sound silly, but have you got the dimmer on the light pullswitch turned fully up?

    2, you should be able to get these bulbs anywhere like Halford or your local cars parts places. It's the same push in bulbs thatare used in the front and rear ashtray. the rear one is very easy to get at and have a look to see what it's like as long as there's one in there.

    3, Momo make some nice aftermarket wheels but if you want an Mtech 2 you could try a BMW breakers, Ebay or someone like Markus on here might have one.
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      LUCKY BASTARD!!! Evolution Three?!!? Good luck and enjoy.