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Clutch problem/question....or is it ?

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  • Clutch problem/question....or is it ?

    Once in a blue moon when I drive my car real hard I run into a problem. The problem is when I come to a complete stop my idle all of a sudden goes to 2k, I'll engage the clutch but the rmps just dont seem to want to drop back to normal idle. It will drive like this for a good couple of miles with the rmps just not wanting to drop, "it almost feels like cruise control", before the base idle will finally return. The clutch only has 20k miles on it and I'm hoping it is just somthing real simple like a line getting snagged.

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    That doesnt sound lieka clutch problem to me. Sounds like the typical throttle cable binding problem E30 M3's are known to have. If you look at your intake plenum, you should find 2 cables attached at the top. Id bet your cables are pulling out from the rubber gromets are are binding keeping your throttle cable from fully releasing. A good CHEAP fix for this is some clips from your BMW dealer. I think that they are around $2 each. Get one for both cables. Ill look to get you a part number, but for now its a start.


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      Here is a link for ya...
      Good ol' Gustave to the rescue again!!!!


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        DAYUUUUUM! that was quick, thanks for the great service around here, I feel like I'm a paying customer. I'll pick up these parts tommorow, it sounds exactly like my problem.