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Mono-Wiper Install???

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  • Mono-Wiper Install???

    How hard is this to install....whats the procedure like?

    Has anyone done it?


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    it's a pain...took me like 4-5 hours...
    you have to take off the piece of the firewall that covers the blower motor, then take appart the blow motor to get to the viper assembly, take the viper assembly off ( big time PAIN!!!)... then put everything together again...
    good luck


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      BTW Vlad, there is a carbon fiber cover for that part of the car..seriously!



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        Thanks....fuck it...its not worth the hassle for me right now...although it does look nice...



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          sounds like the people selling these things are full of shit then... i seem to recal seeing regularly seeing things like, "easy instalation..." thanks for the heads up
          1990 e30 m3


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            Originally posted by UofOm3
            sounds like the people selling these things are full of shit then... i seem to recal seeing regularly seeing things like, "easy instalation..." thanks for the heads up
            yeah... just imagine taking the blower motor appart (take the flappers off in addition to the motor itself) to get the space to be able to take out the wiper assembly which is trying to squeeze 2ft long metal sticks thru the 20" opening... what a nightmare


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              a friend of mine with a 3.2l motor in his E30 bought the mono wiper kits, one of the Hartge or other German brands, can't remember which one. He had his car up on a lift and said the only way to install the kit was to drop the motor for clearance. Now that sucks, but shows serious mono-wiper determination

              Although, you probably wouldn't have to drop the motor if you had the S14 in there, I don't think the S14 sits back as far as the 3.2l motors


              By the way, I really want a mono-wiper setup, it's so euro, but easily on the bottom of my list for things I should be buying.


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                Who can explain me the benefit of a single wiper (Whitout saying: "It Looks Good")?


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                  I'm in the same boat man... i want one too, it looks hella trick and is functional, but i've got a load of stuff that goes befoer that.... and dropping a fucking motor to put in a windshield wiper system? jesus....... thats pretty bad ass if you think about it... some dude comes up to him ,"hey... i like the mono wiper.. hard to put in?" "Shit no man... all you have to do is drop the engine..." I'd love to see that guy post the instal for the wiper blade in Magnus's new instal stuff.... would be entertaining...
                  1990 e30 m3


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                    I will be putting the S50 or S52 into my red 325 pretty soon, so I will know for sure exactly how much clearence is there just in case I will ever need to replace the heater blower


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                      As the great Austin Powers once said "That type of thing ain't my bag baby"


                      Just giving you a hardtime ADA///M
                      Don McAdams
                      1988 E30 M3
                      "E30 M3 Owner & Enthusiast"



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                        yeah i was looking at doing it to my car but the s50 sits to far back to get easy access to it. id def have to drop the subframe and engine a good amount

                        Shes sold now :(