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    An M3 later I thought I would post and say hi to everyone on the boards. I would like to start off by saying that I have been into modding cars since I was too young to drive and I have been on many boards. To say the least this has to be the best board/forum I have ever joined! Everyone on here has been very helpful and has gone well above to help teach me and deal with what may seem like obvious questions.

    Ever since I was 15 I was into VW's and my first car was an A2 16V GTI which I absolutely loved, even though it was burgundy with 2 orange doors. I worked very hard after school at a local bike shop and saved every penny I had and I stuck into that car. I finally got it done.... well as done as you can get when you are 17, but it was all one color, Porsche blue. I was driving home from school one day and I noticed a VW Corrado on the side of the road and I decided that I had to have that. So even though my parents were completly against me selling the GTI and getting this Corrado, I pushed and pushed. Well one Saturday morning my mom and I were driving in her 7 series and we pulled into a neighbor hood accross down and she refused to tell me what we were doing. So I sat there and waited.... Well it turned out that she had this brilliant idea that I should get a car nicer than the Corrado (at that time there was nothing better to me than a Corrado) and she picked this car. Well when the guys garage door opened it was an Alpine White E30 M3. It was lowered, had 17's, cams, and looked flawless.

    Well the guy ended up taking me for a test drive but would not beat on the car so being young and dumb, I really didn't think about the M, all I cared about was the Corrado.

    Long story short, I ended up getting the Corrado, which was a g60, not even a VR6 and in two weeks the charger went on it. So I got a used on put it on the car and one week later I spun a bearing and blew the head gasket. I know right away I must have been a carless kid and beat the hell out of it but I didnt, plain and simple that car sucked.

    So 14 VWs later I completed my latest project. It is a 01 GTI 18T that I purchased brand new and ripped it down to a full shell and built it back up again. The car made 581whp with a GT35R on 30lbs. The motor was built and is a 2.0. Here are some pictures:

    The funny thing is once I got older and more technical with cars I realized how STUPID I was for missing out on the M and since then I have always wanted one. Well I got this GTI to a point where I could consider it finished and wanted to start a new project so I signed up here and bought a 89 DS M as a roller and shipped it from WA to WI.

    I know that there are a lot of purists out on here and I regret to say I have already gotten my S54 to fit and that is the route I will be going. The motor is back out now and is being built for FI. Don't worry though I will do my best to make a great example of this car.

    Well thats my story for all of those who have helped me so far and I look forward to chatting with the rest of you! Thanks again!


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    You what know they say - Mom's know best!

    90 Sterling 2.5L E30///M3 lifer
    97 Porsche Carrera S
    13 Audi S6
    SOLD 03 Audi RS6 daily
    GONE 88 E28///M5 project


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      awesome VW, a lot of power in that application . I'm sure the S54 will make awesome power especially if turbo-ed. I like NA motors more personally. The S54 is easier to come by nowadays and is a much better valued motor than the S50/52.

      Good Luck and keep us posted.


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        Yes, please keep us updated on the progress.


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          I will keep you guys updated as the project continues. I have honestly been bouncing around the idea of keeping it n/a but the only reason I am going turbo is because I already have everything for a turbo set up from the GTI. After I made 581whp on the GTI I thought about making more power along the lines of 800-900whp so I bought all the supporting hardware, bigger turbo, bigger FMIC, 2 Tial 44mm waste gates, etc. So I figure it is already money spent may as well use it!


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            cool story!


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              Swaps are fine and all but it'll never be light on it's feet like it would be with the N/A 4 banger.

              You're still missing something. Do more with less.

              Ah, who am I kidding, I'd like to drop a V8 in mine so you just go with your bad self and have fun.

              Just promise me one thing, you will track your M at least twice to really find out what this chassis is all about.



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                Pictures of the VW but none of ACS replica's? :chaired:


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                  ///Mflossin you are a ball buster! Pictures are posted in the GB thread.:headspin:

                  I know what you are saying OnrailsM3 about the motor swap but this is something that I really want to do. It is always in my head to get another M and keep it with the S14. It is a tough spot because I completely agree with keeping the S14 but on the other hand I think an S54 swap is bad ass. This car is more of a project car for me since I bought in incomplete. I do plan to track the car a few times a year and I am sure I will get hooked and pick up something else.


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                    lag, welcome to the club, i bought my 90 5 yrs ago with a burnt valve, the cost of rebuilding it how i wanted it (2.5 ) was too much, plus i was offered almost as much for the drivetrain as i paided for the whole car, i sold the drivetrain, and it's getting a s54 swap, i've since bought an identical car same red, interior, and yr, it has 75.000 miles all original (even the radio), it's staying that way, i now have the good and the bad twins, the liscence plates will read 0EM M3 (for the stocker) and S54 M3 ( for the bad boy), my kids are grown so i get to spoil these babys,


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                      Originally posted by Lag. View Post
                      ///Mflossin you are a ball buster! Pictures are posted in the GB thread.:headspin:
                      Hey man...I have a reputation to uphold. :smile2::nice!: Glad to see that you've made it to the land of e30 M3's and unfortunately NOT to the land of S14's. There is still time to change your mind though.


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                        Very nice GTI.

                        I guess I'd be called be called a purist on the topic of swaps, but the S54 would be more appealing if you went that route.


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                          nice meeting you lag and FYI to everyone my friend just bought this shell. lag is a cool guy but sorry i will never go to WI ever again. it was 0 degrees in the middle of the day. way too cold for me.


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                            the GTI or the m3 shell?


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                              I am assuming lag decided to sell the m3 shell?