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  • rse30m3

    hi there iv got a johny cecotto evo 11 macca blue 215 bhp. just had it restored new front and rear quarters and scuttle panel. and painted. its mint now.when i now how to send photos i will. just goined s14net new member. just need carpet now. had the car 8 years , my pride and joy,love it. any body wona chat.:fire:

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    Looking forward to the pics. Can't get enough Macau.


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      You can't have both Evo II and Cecotto on the same car... do some search a learn what you got. If it's an 89 car I suspect it might be a Cecotto as Evo II's came out in 88.


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        Originally posted by petro View Post
        Looking forward to the pics. Can't get enough Macau.


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          Kiko is correct, do some research. The Evo II's were in 1988 and had 220hp not 1989 with 215hp. I suspect it's a Cecotto. Awesome none the less.
          Welcome and good luck


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          ... I like the way you move......"


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            hi there my e30 m3 is a cecotto, its got a plack in the lower dash with number. i was told they were evo 11 sorry folks you learn somthing every day. this is why i joined this site. thanks for the info. russell.


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              If that's true, then that would be the first time I've heard of a Cecotto Evo 2.

              Can you post some pics and a VIN#? All will be revealed then ..
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