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Radiator Fan

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  • Radiator Fan

    I purchased an 88 M3 last year which has had the belt driven radiator fan removed to apparently save HP. I have had no cooling problems but am concerned that if I get stuck in traffic there is nothing to cool the radiator. Is there a backup cooling fan? Do I need to be concerned?

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    Yes, e30s have an AUX (also the AC fan) that comes on when...

    1. AC is ON
    2. If the the coolant temp sensor see coolant temps above ~185F. At this point your temp gauge should be pasted the middle and probably in the red. So using this option for traffic does not make sense.

    What you can do is...

    1. replace the stock fan and never look back (until the clutch fan goes bad!)
    2. put an electric fan and change/add a different temp sensor to activate the fan a a temp lower then 185F.
    3. put an electric fan and have it run when ever the engine is running

    hope this helps
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      Radiator Fan


      Thats exactly what I needed to know. I'll look into the electric fan option.