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Rebuilt trans, but reverse grinds?

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  • Rebuilt trans, but reverse grinds?

    Driving the car today with my rebuilt Alpina CR trans, I noticed reverse gear is grinding upon engagement. Its only when I let the motor idle with the clutch out (to spin the input shaft), then quickly select reverse. No other gears grind, only reverse. Is this due to the new syncros, or might there be another problem? I'm trying to think back to when I was assembling everything prior to installing the motor and trans but I cant think of anything I did wrong. Any ideas? TIA for any advice.

    Also, does anyone know if there is a different shifter for the Getrag CR trans cases? Despite all my efforts to correct it, the shifter is slanted slightly towards the driver.
    Jeff J.
    1990 E30 M3

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    Not sure about the Alpina, but mine and several other people who own euro rebuilt trannys tend to do that too. With the clutch in, I just put the car in second and then into reverse when I shift. Don't have any problems this way. Don't think this is 'factory' spec but it seems like a fairly common rebuilt problem and it's not hard to work around. Just another data point..

    Robert M