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part numbers and advice please

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  • noro
    How fresh is the engine? Search around on the site, there are a few references to S14 tensioner still being the better choice for less worn engines.

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  • Nikos
    Turner Motorsports has rebuild kits from Ate:

    You can also find the e36 tensioner number (BMW part number) as well under their "upgraded" tensioner kit.

    As for other stuff, I always carry around an extra alternator bracket and bolt for long trips as well as a spare main and fuel pump relays.


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  • paddy
    started a topic part numbers and advice please

    part numbers and advice please

    evening all

    right we are planning a trip from ireland thru europe during the summer for two weeks we plan to go down to the millau bridge across to the alps up to wolfsburg on to the porche factory get a round of the berg cup and hit the ring. before i do that i want to do work to the m3 but need advice on best parts

    1. i am replacing the clutch with a sachs one and was going to do the fly wheel. does any one recommend one besides the evo2-3 one or will i just go with it and if so has some one got a part no as dont have a evo chassis number?

    2 tensioner? will i order the e36 one or the seven series one and again any part nos?

    3. my front driver side caliper is sticking i was going to rebuid it does any one know if rebuild kits are available and if so any part no.i have searched real oem but coudnt find them?

    4.any other recomendations i should do to car for such a big trip. i have all the cooling system done and new breaks fitted?

    does any one have route up the alps with good roads and fun places to go and good scenery. we are trying to hit mountain passesa and some good driving roads. there is going to be three reto old skool cars. one mark 2 g60 ottenger golf one mark 1 golf 1.8t and my car.

    thanks very much for any advice and help i receive

    regards paddy:nice!: