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18 inch Rondell #58

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  • 18 inch Rondell #58

    I was just wondering if any one was running these wheels on there car? I was told that the 17's fit fine but that there may be some issues with the 18's. Just curious.

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    I'm running 18's on my GC equipted M3. many people are running 18's some rub, some don't. mine rub

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      my friend Max has 18s on his red M3, they rub at full lock but only because he runs 225/40/18 instead of 225/35/18


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        Thank's I was also thinking I could probably get away with it if I run 35's instead of 40's. My only concern there is that I live in a cold weather town and would hate to hit a pot hole with a 35 series tire but I don't drive it in the winter anyway so it really shoudn't be that big of a deal.