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Overvoltage Protection Relay

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  • Overvoltage Protection Relay

    Greetings, I was hoping someone would have a picture or give me a detailed explaination of where the Overvoltage Protection Relay for the ABS system is. I know its under the dash, but I have a mess of an alarm and a previous alarm, so I am totally confused. TIA, ///Matt

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    if you have a pre 1990 then under the dash attached to the
    ABS (which sits under your airbag computer) is a relay.

    if you have a 1990, you have no overvolatage relay, you
    are fed from the main power relay via pin 20 at C101.

    there are 2 relays under the abs cover (in engine bay)

    if you have a problem, swap those relays to test,
    check brake pedal switch is functioning, check the
    pinout of the ABS connector. E.g. ABS sensor signal
    is reaching ABS connector... get wife to spin the wheels
    for you (dont worry, she wont mind getting oily hands and
    break her finger nails)



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      ok got it, but exactly where is the ABS computer, im nervious to cut the wrong wire...

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        under your steering wheel.

        unbolt/unscrew the cover under the steering wheel.
        you will see a silver ECU box with a white
        long multipin connector plugged into it. (most likely
        there will be a red sticker on top of the box, but you
        have to build it out to see that)
        The abs box is held on via 1 bolt (left of the ABS),
        the other side is just a slot where a tab off the ABS
        slides in to fix it in place. To pull the ABS connector
        you have to lightly depress a metal tab and then rotate
        the connector out towards you.

        then youll need a voltage meter and start testing the pins.

        do make things easy, first test the AC voltage at
        the ABS connectors in the engine compartment and
        under the rear seat. If all check out and the ABS
        relays check out, then test for voltage to the ABS computer.
        when you are that far, and its required Ill post the
        pinning info here.