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Dummy oil pressure light mod

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  • Dummy oil pressure light mod

    Is there a factory-ish way of modifying the low oil pressure warning light to come on say at 25 psi rather than at 7 psi which is what I believe is stock? I know I can plumb a new sender for a warning light but I'm talking about changing or modifying the stock sender/switch to go out at a higher pressure than the useless ultra low - the engine is already fucked- pressure. I searched but only found the separate sender/warning light setup but I looking to still use the light from the cluster.

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    Autometer sells a 30 pound light switch but you will need to adapt the threading from metric to sae. The thirty pounder works fine and the light never flickers,even at idle.

    Here's the posts you would have found with a good search.


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      You can't modify the existing one, but if you thread in a new one you can still use the dash light. All they do is close or open a circuit so there is nothing special about using the stock wiring/dash light. I have the 30 psi switch and it is on at idle (when warm). I guess that's good for making sure it works :idea:
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        I use a VW pressure switch that I believe switches at 1.8 bar (=27psi). There are 2 drawbacks:
        1 you need to use an adaptor as VW uses M10x1 thread and BMW M12x1.5
        2 if the pressure drops below the threshold, the light switches OFF , if it's above it'S on... :-(

        You can work around that using a particular relay (or a normal relay and a diode) but I have never come round to it.
        Just like AlpineRunner said: with a warm engine, the light flickers, at 1500rpm pressure is above 1.8 bar.


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          i've done just that. autometer 30psi switch with a custom "y" wiring harness to connect both the stock dash light and a BIG autometer light. i just crimped on a forked spade connector and stuck it into the stock connector, secured with zip ties

          fwiw, my light does not flicker at idle, even fully warmed up on the track