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  • Odd parts request

    I am looking for the various decals that adorn the shock towers. Mine are still there and everything but they look like ass and it bothers me.

    The dealer told me they couldn't help, which strikes me as odd...

    Anyway, does anyone know where I can get some replacements?
    1988 M3
    2012 335is
    1993 Civic Si

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    The dealer is being lazy. I was looking at the ETK a few months ago and came across those very stickers. I don't have my CD with me right now, but will check on Monday if you don't get help by then. Which stickers do you need? As I recall, there is: the shock hazard warning, the a/c charge quantity, the paint ID, the OBD-exempt sticker, the vacuum hose routing sticker...


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      Id like a list of those too. Could you post the ETK shapshot?


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        Don't know if these are what you're looking for but here's what I could find.
        labels01.gif | labels02.gif


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          Nicely done, Mick! I'll point out that #8 in the second diagram is a "service recall tracking" sticker placed on the driver's side doorjamb.