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M Stripes on Black M3?

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  • M Stripes on Black M3?

    Has anybody ever seen or thought of putting M/// on a non white M3. I was playing with Photoshop with some pics of my car and of others and came up with the pics below. Has anybody though of doing some other iteration of M stripes or flags on the non white M3?

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    looks like dog poo with those gold wheels, you should sell the wheels to me and make your car look better

    sierously, you should try and make the stripes a little less transluscent to get a better idea of what they might look like in real life. I like the 1st pic better between the two.

    also check for all kinds of pictures, their might be a black one with stripes already there

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      IF you do the stripes! PLEASE DO THEM IN THE RIGHT ORDER!

      The stripes don't look that great on the side of the car. Do it on the rear wing / front of the hood!


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        You know, it's a bummer. I have never seen a Diamond Black E30 M3 that looked good with graphics on it. M Stripes or otherwise. I just don't know what it is about Diamond Black, for me it dosen't take graphics well. The color's too gray. Someone please post pics if you've seen one that works, I'd love to be proven wrong.

        I'm not even sure I like my E34 M5 wheels on my car. The centers are painted black and because the body of the car is not quite black it creates an odd contrast to my eye. It's like the black wheels make the rest of the car seem dull and muted in comparison. > Sorry to rant here.

        I have to say you did a great P-Shop job on your car. I think because those colors are a little darker than the true M colors it's workin for me.


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          IMHO stripes do not look good on black car


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            Gee,,, I actually kind of like it.
            Its different.

            Black,,, like white & silver, gray, etc is neutral. It takes whatever you put on it pretty well
            In fact I love the look of bright color splashed acros a darker neutral background.

            Off the top of my head I see two ways to approach this:
            1) RUN with that translucent vibe. At first glance I thought that was the hottest looking thing about the idea. I thought it was intentional.
            How hot would it look to lay something like a pearl top coat over the diamnond black "without" its traditional base coat?
            It would be a subtle "pearl" kind of look that would only pop in the right light, but otherwise be translucent.
            -OR- You could go with the traditional ///M stripe shape,,, and use three translucent shades of dark / light grey for that matter, sort of ghost stripes. I think Magnus' car (RIP) had a similar thing going on on a smaller stripe.


            2) Go for the gold,,, shoot a base white under wherever your putting the stripes and then pick three custom colors that really pop off the black base car color.

            These are two ideas I have for when I re-paint my silver car.
            Since its a race car I was leaning towards the white base coat and picking three super bright (yet similar) colors in the ///M stripe format.

            Those are just a few off the top ideas.
            Dont let everyone make you think you gotta have a white car to stripe it.
            Its not an original werks DTM car so dont fret too much over having "bang on" original type stripes.
            Think "variations on a theme".
            My biggest gripes with ///M striping are always two things,,, get the angle right,,,, get the proportions right.

            In any case,,, I like the idea.
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              You mean like this.

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                This looks really bad !!!


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                  This is the most fucked up one


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                    I have never seen colors on an E30 ///M3 look good, unless it was white. Its the factory racing color (Alpinweiss), you just dont mess with it apparently.


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                      I agree with Jimmy, everybody does not necessarily have to have the same thing and it certainly is not sacriledge to do something different. I think the idea of translucent and/or pearl stripes would be very cool and unusual. Perhaps across the hood and rear wing instead.
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                        I agree that everyone should try to be different and if you like it then do it. In my opinion I don't like the stripe's,but that is because I am biased. I think that black is the best color in the world for a car to be painted and I tihnk that diamond black is the most beautiful shade of black ever. You just don't see a color like diamond black on any other car's. I also have thought about doing a ghost pattern of either stripes or a roundell but am afraid I would not like it after it was done. I think it would look great but don't have the balls to try it. I sure wish someone else would though and then show me a pic. (hint hint)


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                          The ugly yellow one is a REAL e30 m3 sport evolution! What a waste !!!
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                            I am actually in the process of putting M-stripes on my diamond black E30 M3. I have a thread running right now.


                            I also have picures of the whole repainting process.


                            Before I can paint these M-Stripes on my car I need to know the actual M color codes. Does anyone happen to know what these are? I would hate to do non-M colors. Thanks a lot.



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                              To add to Jimmy's ideas, two other thoughts come to mind:

                              1) The dark metallic green DTM ? car with the gold stripes on the rear (not ///M stripes). A variation on that with maybe a lighter metallic grey instead, or silver for the stripes ?

                              2) There's a Canadian, Alpine, E30 M3 with a nice checkerboard pattern that (I think) could look good on a Diamantschwartz.

                              I'll try to post these photos from work tomorrow... and now that you mention it, I did like those triple silver ///M stipes on the Magnus car - I need to look at those photos again.

                              - Daniel