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  • Weird couple of days ...

    With the sunny weather in Seattle, I have been driving my M3 more than usual. I think I am batting 1000 with positive comments each time she leaves the safety of her garage space. This is an Alpine white car so I don't think of her as sticking out that much???? Here are few examples.

    Last week a guy in a Merc AMG goes flying by me on the freeway. As soon as he passes me he backs off the speed and I pull up next him going about 70 MPH. He gestures for me to roll down my window and proceeds to offer to buy my car? When I say no thank you - he give me this big smile and says some thing like "I don't blame you" and speeds off.

    On Saturday, I pulled into a local grocery store and parked next to a new Camero. I was getting out and some guy came over and complimented me on my car, when I realized he owned the Camero we spent about 20 minutes talking about and checking out each other cars. I actually liked the look of the Camero, I wouldn't buy one, but still it was nice.

    I was driving my younger son to get ice cream on Sunday night and while stopped at a light, a car with about four 20 - 30 year old guys started honking and giving us the thumbs up. My son gave them the thumbs up back and asked me how come people always do that to us when we are in the M3.

    I drove her into work yesterday and when I got off work there was a nice note tucked under the wiper. I have seen a lot of nice cars in the past but never thought to write someone a note?

    I am not sure if it is an increase of the E30 M3 in the press or what, but I don't recall her getting this much attention in the past.

    Has anyone else noticed this?


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    I got 2 offers for sale last week. Though I am not surprised because i was at an auto-x event with BMWCCA.

    Just about any E30 318 or 325 owner I encounter drools over the car.

    - Tire is the other control arm bushing.


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      You've got sunshine and we got a months worth if rain!!! Something is screwy here..


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        I can state for a fact that the general public has become much more educated about the E30 M3, at least more so than when these cars were new. Back in '88 to '90 or so, you could drive an M3 around and be basically unnoticed. That's not the case these days.

        My biggest concern is that when I drive my car in traffic or out on the highway I'm always anticipating the "worse case scenario" with brain dead drivers out there on cell phones and avoiding rock chips, etc....makes for a stressful driving experience!

        I'll take unpopulated back twisty roads any day over being "noticed" in traffic! :-)


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          It gets noticed, and seems like more and more are gaining knowledge. Offers in the high numbers make me nervous. I've finally put American Collectors insurance on it which helps me sleep better at night. Who knows what this trip home over another summer will bring. Offers during interaction at the pumps, little notes in restaurant parking lots, or just thumbs with point stares.


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            our e30 m3 is freekin MILF magnet.
            so many women (30-40 years) get wet over this car!

            this guy drove by just after i parked at home and he pulled over and talked and asked questions for a half hour & wanted me to take him for a ride.

            at least once a week, i get buy offers. my e30 316 gets quite a few looks herself.


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              I get a few over here in Germany as well.

              BMW's are so "dime a dozen" over here though, most people think I have a E30 with a body kit. <- I'd imagine more than they do in the US.

              What surprises me (but shouldn't) is the amount of new M3's driven by service members. Yet I've only once gotten a head nod or thumbs up from one.

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                ^^^My roommate has an '08 M3. It's exactly my car, 19 years newer- red, with tan interior. We're both in the service.

                I've had multiple offers for my car, either written on the back of notes on my car or people in parking lots. (one guy offered to trade his '95 e36 M3 in pristine condition for it after following me for a while.) What I've noticed, though, is that most new BMW drivers will not smile, say hi, or return any other kind of acknowledgment for either my car, or my roommate's.... maybe there's something to this BMW=prick thing.


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                  when I went to softball last weekend I was sitting in the dugout and a fellow teammate of mine asked if I saw the Sweet "old school" ///m3 in the parking lot. I then told/explained what it was every time we hit the dugout...
                  Still the best feeling is when you drive by a car and you see the kid in the back seat... jaw wide open and his face squished to the window with that look in his eyes.

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                    I don't drive a lot on the street, but when I do I actually get relatively little attention. When there is attention, it is usually "riceboys" wanting to race, cops pulling me over, negative stuff like that.

                    I have gotten thumbs up a few times from guys on sport bikes.....kindred souls I guess.....

                    The car gets way more attention at track days, because as we all know these cars do very well on the track. Particularly for a 20 year old 4 banger.


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                      Originally posted by 02fanatic View Post

                      My biggest concern is that when I drive my car in traffic or out on the highway I'm always anticipating the "worse case scenario" with brain dead drivers out there on cell phones and avoiding rock chips, etc....makes for a stressful driving experience!
                      My sentiments exactly...


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                        Best compliment I've gotten on my car was, "so when did that new BMW model come out?"

                        Obviously not a car guy, but nonetheless...
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                          Two cops pulled me over for a random alcohol breath test (we have that in Australia), rushed through the test in 15 seconds, and without even glancing at the result of the test, said "Mate, is that a real Evo wing?"

                          They then spent 5 mins drooling over the car and asking questions before (almost reluctantly) letting me go ....
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                            Coming back from Le Mans @ passport control in france, the guy in the booth stopped me to say,'Of all the cars that I've seen tonight, yours is the one i'd have'...

                            Considering the range of exotica on the sunday dash back to the UK it was a top compliment.


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                              "MILF magnet" - That is funny, I don't think I have heard the phrase before? Well I am in my 40's so I guess that would be my demographic, but younger babes drooling over my car would be a bit more preferable