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E30 M3 S14 delivery bhp ,chassis number specific?

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    We'll see how it goes Anto///M3 , its going to be done over a period of time in stages anyways .Thanks for letting me know 6k wont get all that done WBSAK03 how about 10k euro then will that do it?


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      10K Euro is more like it. At least you won't have to overpay for ridiculous shipping charges from europe.


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        Originally posted by bbsrs View Post
        The Ecu p/n ends in 071 and it says ece/kat on the box too so i have a 195bhp kat equipped E30 M3 in zinnobar red produced in april 1988.How would we find out anything without websites like and its members.
        Thanks all, now I have to find some 48mm T/B's ,some nice cams, a decat pipe ,alpha n and carbon airbox, evo 3 bottom end and do some major head work and about 6k to finance it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        We are in the middle of rebuilding a 195 engine. Although we are going to retain the 46mm TB's for now, we believe it will have better torque down low. Its a 20k+ mile a year car right now and doesn't see the track much, but it will be recieveing 284/276 cams, higher CR pistons, ballancing and alot of head work. He already has the Unichip, one of "Johns" DTM replica airboxes and Miltek exhaust system. This should give a healthy increase in power, but will retain longevity, drivability and economy. Thats costing less than your 6k budget, but that wouldn't cover the cost of CF airbox and an A/N style management system or Evo3 crank/bottom end. But.. you never know!

        Good luck with your build!

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