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problems please help

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  • problems please help

    we have a bmw e30 m3 1990 s14 engine and we are having problems with torque power.We have changed all bearings pistons ring plus the timing chain and crank position sensor the torque power is still weak.The power kicks in after 6000rpm.Please give if you have the answers.

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    The S14 is a low torque, high strung motor. Power below 4000 rpms is nothing spectacular.

    On my 2.5 with Schricks there was a noticeable kick in power at 6000 rpms. What cams are in there?

    Do you have a dyno plot?


    • #3 please watch this clip its the car when it first came to this country.We did not own it then.Now the car has half the power it had back then.It has no dyno plot and the cam shaft is its original one.Thats what we know it as anyway.


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        you need to put it on a dyno and get the AFRs. You haven't given enough info to diagnose it by looking at a screen. Could also take a current video of the motor running and reving.

        The stuff you have changed would not have been first on my list. I'd check the plug wires, plugs, cap and rotor, fuel pump, in tank fuel pump, and fuel filter. Other possibilities are a bad AFM and a bad DME. Can't really tell without a dyno pull.

        When was the last time it had a valve adjustment?
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          ıl have a dyno test done then see what wıll come up bruce thnk you. Il keep ın touch and let u know my result


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            Interesting, I would not have guessed it still had an s14 from the sound.

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              Originally posted by ergunerdin View Post
     please watch this clip ....
              For my time and money there are better things to do with an E30 M3. Maybe it's just tired -- rode hard and put away hot too many times?
              The day ain't over yet....