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Trans ID : Dogleg, 265, 262 , M60

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  • Trans ID : Dogleg, 265, 262 , M60

    Hello guys,

    I was checking for some inforamtion about the transmision fitted in our e30's M3 mostly and other e30's as well.

    I reasearched for th einfo and found some thread, however I'ms till confused about the model name for each trans.
    Here are some info and threads regards to this subject.

    This is kinda confusing for me, maybe I'm reading it wrong but it says is a 265 model for all the types of e30 m3, however, the ratios are the same for some group of M3's and other ratios for other group of M3's models.

    I'm making this thread to define for once each model name and their characteristics, ratios etc and have it clear, since some folks says these are 265/5 and 265/6, other says are 262CR , m60,'s confusing!

    So here are the photos I took from y transmisions, I will start with the Euro stock Dogleg trans.

    BMW M3 Euro Dogleg Getrag Trans

    P/N: 262.0.0510.90


    005 449ACM (must be the date of manufacture and type or sort of)

    Fisical characteristics:

    Has the same part number as the US e30 M3, but the onlyt hing that change is the the 1.3 over the 2.3 below of the 225 number. Both are detachable bell housing and has the reverse gear switch in the left side.

    BMW US M3 Getrag Trans

    P/N: 262.0.0510.90


    Photos taken mounted in my M3, best shots I could take.

    Fisical characteristics:

    Has the same part number as the Euro e30 M3, but the only thing that change is the the 1.3 over the 2.3 below of the 225 number. Both are detachable bell housing and has the reverse gear switch in the left side.

    Getrag Dogleg M60 Trans

    P/N ??? : 03163 GF (only number stamped on the transmision)

    I believe this trans was made for the regular e30, for m20 use, not sure if the m10 ever used it. I remember driving a early euro e30 323i with dogleg shift pattern but not sure if is the same transmision as this one.

    Fisical characteristics:

    The bellhousing is one piece with the trans itself, non detachable. The reverse switch is located at the back unlike the US M3 and Euro M3 that it's located at the drivers side. It only shows "Getrag" "M60" and the number described above.

    It doens't have the crank sensors ports/location as the above trans mentioned.

    And finally, the some shots of my stock e30 325is M20 Getrag 260 for comaprison

    325is Getrag 260

    P/N: 260.0.1346.90


    For me, the correct model name for the trans used in the M3 S14 engines are the 262 and 262CR or maybe 262/2.3 & 262/1.3
    Not sure from where comes the 265 number, someone explain me.
    In the other hand it is possible to swapp all the internal components of the 262CR in the 262 to make it a Dogleg CR type? Also does someone knows if is possble to swap the entire geras shifts, etc of the M60 in the 262 that came in the US M3?

    Anyone has the ratios for each trans that want share (I know that are overall in this place but I leave this for someone else to do it.
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    Interesting thread...

    The BMW ETK marks the transmissions as 265/5 and 265/6. I thought the story was that the part number 265 denotes a torque rating by Getrag. But Getrag used cases from the 262 transmission and that's why the part number is stamped like that.

    I would be interested in seeing if this is true or not.
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      I believe that the 262 case was used to produce the 265. A third "section" was added to the 262 to add 5th gear. Maybe this is BS though.


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        The 262 is a 4 speed. It was used in the 3.0CS, E12 and many other early M30 cars. It looks like this:

        There is not and has never been a 262 with 5 gears. A center section was added to the 262 front and rear cases to make the 265/5 close ratio. The rear cover was then changed to make the 265/6 overdrive box. The front case is the same on all 3 and therefor the '262' was left on from the original application. You can easily spot the difference between the CR and OD as seen here. The CR (or 4spd, they are the same except the center case section) is on the left and the OD is on the right. Note the row of bolt holes around the output shaft on the CR, and in the oblique view, the 2 detent holes on the CR not present on the OD.

        The "M60" one you show is a 245. It's available in configurations for the M20 and M10 (front case is different) and in CR and OD. I do not know all the details of telling which is which or if there are different 245/X numbers to define them.


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          This is an interesting thread and very helpful, given that I am hunting myself a Euro dogleg CR box right now. Thanks!
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            I called "262" because that P/N started with it, so...but RealOEM and BMW Fans actually indicate it as 265 as you mentioned, so I guess I will have to think is this the correct model name instead of 262.

            I was checking at the graph and P/N and I'm curious what could be the difference between these trans.





            I searched for the 323i 2 door Euro e30 and foudn this box, however I'm not sure if this is the M60 like the photo I took that I belive was used in the 323i with dogleg pattern.

            Notice the reverse switch is located at the back, just like the M60 I pictured.

            Getrag 260/5/50 housing+attaching parts




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              I read that "EZ" indicates there is a syncronizer on reverse gear. I do not know what the other letters would indicate.