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Spare motor...... to sell or not ?!??!?!?

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  • Spare motor...... to sell or not ?!??!?!?

    My spare motor is up for sale............... and during the process of the inquiries, I'm now torn as to whether or not to sell the lump. These things are becoming ridiculously expensive and harder to find here in Canada................ from where I'm at anyways.

    Anyone have opinions to add to this................. keep or sell generally speaking !?!?

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    keep it if jou not need the monney

    greeting dave


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      Speaking for myself, if I had a place where I could properly store the engine (on a stand, for instance) I'd be very tempted to keep it. It'd have to be out of the way, however, and not someplace where it could get damaged from moisture or other hazards.
      The day ain't over yet....


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        Dont sell it if money is not a problem.Having e30 m3 parts is like money in the bank with interest.Evey thing for e30 m3 is getting more expansive everyday.I was looking for a new 2.5 block for spare and it is crazy expansive compare to few years ago. so I brought perfect runing engine with harness dme and a dogleg for my spare. now I sleep better at night knowing if something is wrong with my cars I have the parts in my home.