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Weird Rattle from Rear Pass Side

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  • Weird Rattle from Rear Pass Side

    I thought I would post this before I go digging for the culprit.

    I have this rattle (like something is loose) noise coming from the rear passenger side, right under the rear window.

    I had my wife drive while I sat in the back to locate the noise (yes, the wife drives stick and she is very good too[peace]).

    What the hell could be causing this noise. It actually sounds like something is loose between the door panel in the rear and the quarter panel.

    Anyone ever experience this?


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    Never checked in the M3 but my ol e30 3er just had a dinner-plate-sized piece of sound deadening tar stuck on the inside of the quarter.

    never experienced the stuff flapping about but seems possible.


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      I know I have a rattle and its coming from my rear pass. side panel, the metal clip bounces on the quarter panel. Or if its more of a squeak check your rear shock tower mount, my rubber has gotten used up and makes a whiny squeak.


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        Might want to check the pipe from the gas filler to the tank and the passenger rear shock mount.
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          I already checked the rear shock tower mount and it is secure. I will tend to the problem over the weekend. It is probably something minor. It's just annoying.