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  • Camber & Toe rear

    Is there any known way to fit something that makes it possible to adjust a bit on the camber and toe at the rear?

    I have seen some funky bushings with some funky bolt stuff on Bimmerworld I think. How does this make it "adjustable"?

    I have 3 degrees on right and 3.5 degrees on left rear negative camber.
    Toe is "ok", could be a bit more toe maybe but it was inside the criteria. Had the car to wheel alignment today.

    I want the tire to be worn just a bit more towards the center. Now it's just wearing the inner 3 cm. Changed left to right today so I can just use what is left of them.
    1987 BMW M3 E30

    S50B32 swap thread

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    May I suggest to use the search function...



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      I just did mine a few months ago and used Ireland Engineering Adjustable rear camber kit. I have some pictures if you want to see how they look after installed, I just have to find them. The only thing is you will have to remove the entire rearend and have it welded on. Below is the web page I found.
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