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  • evo numbers??

    Having just become a new owner I now have more than just a passing interest, is there any sure fire way of telling just how many evo I, II & III's are out there still on the road, some sort of data base maybe of chassis numbers, I know this already exists in the various countries but unless you are privilaged to such info there's no way of knowing, be nice to know just how rare these cars are becoming, if anyone has any ideas of how to collect & collate this info then please let me know, I have posted this on so as to capture as many as poss.

    Thanx, Steve.

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    I know of only one EVO I and one EVO II in Australia. Owned by the same person.


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      Does the guy post on here, this is why we need something like chassis numbers to see which ones are missing, do you think It's got anything to do with the left hand drive thing.

      Thanx, steve.


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        No he doesnt post here that I know of. He is a Professor at the University on New South Wales (Australia) I know of him and have friends who know him personally. I will try and find out more through them. I have been informed that his EVO III is worth more than $75,000 USD, in this country at least.

        As I said on my intial post here, my Euro Spec 1988 Model E30 M3 will cost me about $34,000 USD to get on the road. I could probably turn around and sell it straight away for about $38000-$40,000USD.

        It definately has something to do with the LHD issue. There would be no more than 15-20 E30 M3's in total in Australia for this very reason. No-one stocks parts for them and there is only a select number of mechanics that would have any idea about them. Luckily mine is one such mechanic.
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          Hi Steve,

          I think you can start your search here
          I do have to say that a lot of cars are not registrated b.c. a lot of owners don`t want to,
          or don`t know how to.
          Just check it out !!!