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About to repaint valve cover & plenum

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  • About to repaint valve cover & plenum

    I am getting ready to repaint my valve cover & plenum and like how the EVOII looks. Has anyone done this if so what was the process? I read and searched and correct me if I am wrong, but the parts need to be powder coated and then the stipes have to be painted on after? Can it all just be powder coated? For those of you that have done this what was the cost for everything and do you like it or would you rather leave it black. I also like the ones I have seen in red. What to do!!!!!!!

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    I had a set powder coated in white and was pleased with the results. I asked them to mask off the lettering, which they did with metal tape, then I cleaned the letters up with varying grades of sandpaper. and they look the dogs danglies.

    They hang on my office wall.

    I have not had the stripes painted on yet as I think, for my purpose, they look good.

    I previously painted the cam cover myself in white, but I was not that happy with the result, which is why I then had that and a spare plenum powder coated. Here is a pic of the white cam cover trial fitted in a previous car with Gustaves bracket and Magnecor leads. I cannot emphasize enough how much better it looks with the letters and other areas sanded back to metal..


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      The stripes can be done in powdercoat, but not every powdercoater can and are
      willing to do it as it can be difficult and will be expensive. Essentially they would
      have to bake it four times if I am not mistaken.

      Cost effective would probably be to powdercoat the base and paint the stripes.


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        Here are a couple of shots of them powdercoated white.


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          It is not an overly hard thing to do yourself, but it takes time. I painted mine...

          These are the steps that I sent to another member here:
          1. Strip old paint (air craft paint stripper)
          2. Polish letters
          3. tape off letters
          4. Prime
          5. Black top coat
          6. Remove tape, heat in oven
          7. Retape letters
          8. Tape off parallelogram shape (outer lines of stripes)
          9. Tape off two outer stripes on the inside
          10. Paint first stripe (either red or the blue)
          11. Paint other outer stripe
          12. Paint middle stripe
          13. Clear coat everything

          I used an exacto knife to cut around everything. For the letters, put a piece of tape over all of the letters. Start cutting with the knife edge perpindicular to the face of the letters. This gives you a nice clean cut around them. For the stripes, I found it easiest to put the tape over letters and everything in the angle that you want. Then use the same method as before and cut around the letters. Then push the tape down to the lower surface. You should end up with the tape at two levels now: one at the lowest level and one at the face of the letter (or rib), and the side of the letter (rib) with nothing. You then take another piece of tape and place it on the side of the letter to cover the rise.

          I found that when I tried to use the same piece of tape to cover the lower surface, the rise, and the upper surface, I either couldn't do it, or the line would look like it wasn't straight.


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            Nice one Strube,

            Did you do the cam cover too? That looks alot more fiddly.


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              This is a great thread, as one day I plan to do my M Coupe cam cover in the EvoII style. Keep the info coming.


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                By cam cover, you are referring to the valve cover, right? If yes, then my instructions are basically to paint that. For the plenum stripes, follow the steps, but you don't have to worry about the ribs of the valve cover, so it is way easier.

                I used high temp primer, black paint, and clear. Each has a curing time of 24-48 hrs. The stripes are painted with normal paint and have a cure time of 24-48 also (depends on the color). The cure times lengthen the whole project duration.


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                  Kevin - as an aside we used to have that green paint in our kitchen.


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                    Here's my old white VC:

                    Here's my new refinished color:


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                      Nothing much to add here, mine was re-done in normal black crackle paint, but I was keen not to lose the original flycutting marks from the letters. I didn't pop the spark plug collars out however, so made do with a skim using a normal cutter. Turned out rather well, and saves you having to mask it all off...


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                        murdered out

                        added home made stripes :hee:

                        will sand off the lettering if I ever get her running again :sosad: