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Tired of waiting for H&R race springs... Alternatives?

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  • Tired of waiting for H&R race springs... Alternatives?

    Ive been waiting for 2 months on a shipment to come in from germany. This week was suposed to be the week and now they are saying another month. I dont want to do coilovers. What would be a good set up for under 1000$ ? Any opinions? Does ground control make a spring that is very stiff that can be matched with like a bilstien sport shock or a koni shock?
    I do TONS of back road bashing on the car driving and ocasional track/autocross. If that will help with an idea for a good setup.

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    who are you dealing with for H&R? Try I'm waiting for a set of the RSS coilovers but my understanding was springs and standard coilovers are available.
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      Im using BMP, because they had a package deal and I ordered some new badges for my car. Ive decided im goning to go else where and build my own package for a higher price of course.


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        Why not look at the Turner J-Stock setup??
        Charley Terhune
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          I'm new here and to the E30 M3(moving up from E36 M3 :-) so I thought I would contribute some of my newfound knowledge. Ireland Engineering makes a set of "Stage 3 race springs". The guy I spoke with at Ireland told me they were basicly a copy of H&R Race Springs manufactured for them by Eibach. The best part is they are in stock and only $250! I went through the same debate over coil overs, but I don't want to cut up the struts just yet. I know the coil overs would be better but I need that money for other upgrades/tires etc. I am replacing a pretty new set of H&R sports from the PO (too soft for me). I am pairing them up with pretty new Bilstein Sports. I will give a report once I install them.


          Here is their web site:


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            Thanks guys Im going to look into all this new found info tomorrow.


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              The Ireland Engineering springs are similar to te H&R Race...although they do not lower te car as much...its close...but not as might want to cut a coil or so off the front spring(dont worry all the tuners do it :evil: ) But the spring rates are similar...

              Ask ///Mballer(my brother)...he has them with pictures...


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                If you're interested in a used set of H&R Race, make me an offer...

                They have 1/2 a coil cut from each of the fronts (just 1/2 a dead coil to even out the lowering) and were used for about 3-4 months. There is nothing wrong with them, I replaced them with coilovers to much lower and much stiffer.

                /// M3NTAL Kev


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                  Hey Kev,

                  Did that push the front lower or did it just level it out? How was the ride after that, was it decently stiff? I would like to make you an offer after I make some phone calls tomorrow to cancel stuff out. Or email me your address , [email protected]



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                    Also do you know what the spring rates are on that? Ive been getting mixed answers. like everything from 200-300 front and 400-600 rear. Just wondering if you know the truth.


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                      I think it brought the front ever so slightly lower than the rear... but hey you judge for yourself...

                      As far as the spring rates go... I think the fronts are like 250-325 and the rears are like 375-450... not more than that IMO. When I went to 500fr and 600rr (now 750rr) there was night and day difference.

                      I feel that they were excellent for the street and some track. I switched because I use the M3 primarily at the track with some street use.

                      Either way, let me know...

                      /// M3NTAL Kev


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                        Are the H+R race springs similar to Eibach's Road Race springs(NLA)?

                        ie Rates and height?


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                          Cutting Progressive Springs

                          I have a dumb question about the actual cutting of springs. With a progressive spring what end would you want to cut, top or bottom? When you mention "dead coils" which ones would qualify?



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                            Re: Cutting Progressive Springs

                            Originally posted by BobS-RI
                            I have a dumb question about the actual cutting of springs. With a progressive spring what end would you want to cut, top or bottom? When you mention "dead coils" which ones would qualify?

                            when you install springs, the dead coils sit ontop of each other and dont have any movement between them. if the dead coils are on the top or bottom, they can be cut, as long as you dont cut the coil that moves.
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                              FYI: The spring rates for IE Stage 3 Race Springs are front: 315/lb rear: 570/lb. I have them on my e30. They work like a charm.
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