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Tired of waiting for H&R race springs... Alternatives?

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  • cramer
    who are you dealing with for H&R? Try I'm waiting for a set of the RSS coilovers but my understanding was springs and standard coilovers are available.

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  • Tired of waiting for H&R race springs... Alternatives?

    Ive been waiting for 2 months on a shipment to come in from germany. This week was suposed to be the week and now they are saying another month. I dont want to do coilovers. What would be a good set up for under 1000$ ? Any opinions? Does ground control make a spring that is very stiff that can be matched with like a bilstien sport shock or a koni shock?
    I do TONS of back road bashing on the car driving and ocasional track/autocross. If that will help with an idea for a good setup.