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My first S14 Overhaul

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  • #16 reason I will refrain from going the 2.5L rebuild route with higher comp pistons when the time comes. Sad state of affairs, but high octane fuel is becomming scarce or non-existent most places.

    Originally posted by justin11572 View Post
    CPs are what I have....12:1 CR CPs doing a great job....but I regret the 12 CR cause i need hi octane...11 would be the way to go...


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      Ok guys (and gals?)

      I got the CP 11:1 pistons, and they are beautiful. But I have found a flaw that I must work around and hopefully you guys can help.

      Most aftermarket pistons, such as Ross, Wiseco and just about all others run a larger wristpin then stock by about .005" this way you can hone the existing wrist pin bushing to exact size.

      Well wouldn't you know, CP pistons use the exact stock size AND wrist pin bushings ARE NOT available from the dealer, unless of course you buy a set of new rods.

      So while the pins fit tight still, it really burns me up as the idea of a engine rebuild is to renew all wear surfaces. A loose wrist pin on a high rpm high compression engine is going to make noise and go from bad to worse quickly.

      Maybe I am over thinking all of this.

      Since everyone here seems to really like the CP's what did you do to mitigate this issue?

      In other news my customer went on a hog wild shopping spree with VAC motorsports. I have Shrick cams, ARP everything, all new timing components, gasket sets, etc..

      The block is at the machine shop and the rods are due to go out to my rod man as soon as I figure out a solution to the wrist pin issue.

      Nevermind, called VAC and they had the bushings in stock and they are on the way. You guys are going to love these rods when my rod man gets done with them. Sexy stuff, you wait and see
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        Beenm awhile since I updated this, I got the block back, got my rods back and have sent out all the rotating stuff for balancing. The crank looks wicked with big chamfered oil holes and all micropolished.

        The rods came back and I am still miffed that I had to ditch the beautiful wrist pin bushings with 360* oiling groove for standard M10 wrist pin bushings. BAH!

        Like I said CP is the only piston manufacture I have used that did not have oversized wrist pins. Oh well it should be fine.

        Anywho, on to a few pictures. The actual build should start as soon as I get everything back from the balance shop.



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          The rods look nice. Which rod bearings (big end) are those--are they performance coated?

          Also, one thing to consider is: the customer will be leaving HP on the table if he goes with a stock (unported) head and 284/276 cams.

          Does anybody have power figures for a 2.3 with 284/276 Schricks comparing a stock 2.3 head with a ported head?


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            Robert..,the only head guy in SoCal I trust with a s14/S38 head is Rick Kemph in San Pedro. He's off Battery street. I know that Southbay Ind. send all their heads to rick as well. 310-721-4669
            88 M5 - 320k Miles
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            COP - Sequential Inj.
            B36 Cams


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              Another quick update as the build progress's.

              First off some quick measurements on the components and the block.
              (all measurements in inches)

              Crankshaft after chamfer and micropolish.
              Mains Journals 2.1648 (+/- .0001)
              Rod Journals 1.8891 (+/- .0000)

              Crankshaft Axial Play .0045 (.0033-.0069)

              Crankshaft Main Clearance .0018 (.0012-.0028)
              Crankshaft Rod Clearance .0018 (.0012-.0028)

              Cylinder Bores (3.701) (Max spec .0004)
              Max Taper Variance .00035
              Max Cylindrical Variance .0004

              Piston to Cylinder Clearance .003

              Top Ring Gap .016 (.012-.028)
              Second Ring Gap !.026! (.008-.016)

              Ok on to the pictures.

              That is all for now, I have to get back to work.



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                Surprised that the 2nd ring gap is that wide. What rings are you running?


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                  Great Thread, really interesting read.


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                    Schwarz 1990 Sport Evolution


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                      Originally posted by ColinM View Post
                      Surprised that the 2nd ring gap is that wide. What rings are you running?
                      The rings are the ones that came with the CP pistons are built to VAC specs.

                      I called CP and they said it would be ok. When looking at their ring sizing chart, .026 shows as being good for a Nitrous/Turbo/Supercharged application.

                      Also when using custom pistons and oversized bores, the stock guidelines kinda go out the window.

                      I had to do some grinding of the M10 oil pump to get it to clear the main stud and nut. I am waiting on some new shims for the oil pump and some other small odds and ends for the short block. Should start back up on it next week.

                      Until then, C/Ya


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                        Wow guys, (and gals )

                        Have not updated this thread in awhile. I have been so busy with other projects and busy work just trying to pay the bills. Anyways have made some serious progress on this project as it was, and still is way behind.

                        Anyways when we last left off I had completed the bottom end. After that I got the head on but no cams. Then I did not trust the Victor Reinz gasket so I ordered a Genuine BMW headgasket. ($200 :eek: ) So after changing the headgasket I got side tracked and moved on for awhile on some other stuff. The customer decided to come down for a week and help out move his project along.

                        Made tremendous progress, got the engine completely built. It was my first time dealing with the S14 timing chain and camshaft setup and it was a learning experience. Adjusting the valves was a trip, but I have to say if the M20 had this style valve train, it would have been one bad ass 6cyl.

                        After the engine was built we got the old M10 out. Its for sale by the way, rebuilt M10, forged pistons, shrick cam, and weber side drafts I believe.
                        It runs hard, although the S14 is going to scream.

                        It was time to toss in the S14. that went in without much drama and then it was time for the transmission. Got that in with some real twisting and pushing around of the engine and the trans finally slid home. It takes a exact angle to get it stabbed. We got it in and I decided to turn over the engine and trans by hand to get a feel for her. Good thing I did, the TDC block pin hit the bellhousing. So we had to pull the trans again, I went at it with a sanding disk and ground away. I thought I had a country mile but after reinstalling the trans it turned out to be a mere couple millimeters. Luckily its sufficient and we did not have to pull the trans a second time.

                        Then it was welding in custom tabs to the trans tunnel to mount the crossbrace, also had to use a 5lb mallet to 'clearance' the firewall. After all this it was finally time to get fitted up for a custom driveshaft. The original M10 shaft was non-adjustable and kinda wimpy so I decided to salvage up a core E30 5 speed shaft and sent that to the rebuilder. They custom shortened the front half and then lengthened the back half. Fits perfect as usual, thanks to Drivelines Inc.

                        Now on to the cooling system. Well presents a much different situation then simply copying the stock M3 cooling system. Since we are using a old school M10 radiator that has no separate reservoir we figured why complicate things and add one. The bottom hose setup was kinda tricky and had to cut up some hoses to make it happen. The top hose will be a M10 bottom hose chopped up, across the top we will have a custom made stainless cross tube with a nipple on top to come from the vent at the top of the cylinder head. Then will add a side reservoir/overflow tank. That will make a completely contained cooling system.

                        Also in the cooling system, we have a Spal fan up front along with a custom oil cooler using fancy stainless line and -10 AN fittings which where custom fitted for us by Dan Fink Metalworks.

                        We have the fuel system about 60% worked out. Using a 318is fuel pump in the stock tank. We had to add a 2nd metal fuel line. The stock system had a single metal line for the optional Tii fuel injection setup. The original setup had a vinyl/plastic line running through the interior of the vehicle to feed the carb. We where not going to use the plastic line at all for anything so it was chopped off. We can use the original line for fuel injection feed line and the additional new one as the return line. The secondary line was sourced from Summit Racing.

                        Found a very cool old BMW bolt on fuel filter bracket, but have not nailed down exactly where we plan to mount the filter. The lines still need to have flares pressed on to them and then we can start hooking up hoses and testing the pump, leak checking the system. The fuel pump on this car runs on a separate circuit as the original system used a mechanical pump.

                        After that the final step is wiring and exhaust. I am waiting on some parts still yet so this project hits the back lot and I pull forward a very neglected 3L turbo M20 project that I have been having a hard time getting to and am very much behind on that one as well. That is yet another story, until next time.


                        Can't make a post without pictures :p

                        Fabricating custom lower hose setup for use without the factory cooling system.

                        So much for a country mile I thought I had ground out, at least we caught before the starter did :eek:

                        Went through about 10 swazall blades trying to cut the snout off the damn water pump, tight fit eh?

                        Custom Spal fan and Oil Cooler

                        Oh ya, forgot about figuring out the funky oil vapor system. It mounted in a completely unaccessible place and had to be relocated via some custom bracketing.

                        As it currently sits at the end of todays work day. I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

                        Oh ya, and earlier in the day, it was a 18 chrome bullet nut salute!:patriot5:

                        Get down with the sickness! :obsessed:

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                          fire that baby up already !
                          88 M5 - 320k Miles
                          AFM delete
                          COP - Sequential Inj.
                          B36 Cams


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                            Looking good.

                            What head work did you have done?


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                              Looks great! What color is your '02?...Looks like "Atlantik" to '73tii is that color...somewhat rare and under-appreciated IMO. I know how much work that is.....nicely done. Keep plugging away, and you'll get er done!



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                                Nice to see some progress Robert. Keep up the good work!